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Harrow vs Short Handle


International Debutant
I know it's to do with height etc which one you choose.

But do some of you not use harrow purely because they're so much lighter than the SH equivalent? Was feeling some GM bats and honestly reckon I'd want to buy their Harrow because it'd give you such and advantage in terms of having extra time to play the shot.


Cricket Spectator
erm i have always used a short handle once i was old enough to choose between the two i just do it because the bats are slightly bigger and i feel more confident. however its all about what makes u feel comfortable if ur over 5ft 11 then probably should use a SH otherwise you'd have to crouch down and it may affect ur technique. sour if ur under 5ft 11 then its up to you u maay wanna check out if the quality is as good in terms of the wood used aswell
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The Coach

Cricket Spectator
Harrow is recommended for players between 5ft 4in and 5ft 6in tall - Tendulkar is 5ft 5in and I'm pretty sure he DOESN'T use a Harrow. It might be something to do with a Harrow being a marginally smaller blade [3/4 in shorter and 1/12 in narrower than a S/H].

Allegedly, the little master uses a 3lb 4oz bat - must have strong hands .... :unsure:


Cricket Spectator
hi i am 5 ft 5 strong built age 40 stil using harrow size very successfully for timing & hitting, maybe upgrade slowly to small mens but not to standard mens