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Group F (Super 8) - Sri Lanka, Australia, India, West Indies


Virat Kohli (c)
WC win, but he also has an IPL win :ph34r:

That being said, how has "crap tournament rules" hurt India?

It hasn't, whatsoever.

Sir Alex

Btw, I do think Dhoni doesn't have India's batting order right as of late in T20s.
More than batting order, i'd blame rudderless selection strategy.

We carried a lot of dead weights like Yuvraj, Pathan, Gambir, Zak, Vijay, Chawla and Jadeja, none of them deserved selection if Srikanth and Co. had given enough attention to IPL.


Global Moderator
What were the scores in this? I gather we won, but by how much?

And Clarkeh WAFG it must be said.
Low. Just over 100, finished in 16-ish overs at a very leisurely pace.

If there's a time to complain about slow batting... this is not it.


Whatever it takes!!!
I think the Huss bros are gonna pull you through with the bat and the legend that is Nannes will make up for the stupidity of picking Harris ahead of Bolly. And I think Steve Smith is a good one in that people will take him too easily and get out... And Dussey will spin it more than Harby..
I m pretty good, aren't I? :ph34r: