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Goku vs Superman


International Captain
One Punch Man, for mine. Every shot goes for six. Every delivery rips a hole through the opponent's bat and obliterates the wickets.

Silver Silva

International Debutant
Goku, for several reasons ..

He will have the patience for cricket since he has experience in the hyperbolic time chamber where 10 years feels like 1 day ..

He is able to work with people from all works of life , humans , nameks , saiyans , grand kais etc so he will be able to fit in a team.

Goku can raise his levels and performs under pressure, the stronger the opponent the better Goku applies himself

He could collect all the DragonBalls and simply wish to be the greatest cricketer ever and there is nothing Superman could do about it.

5.Spirit of the Game
Goku would be a great ambassador for cricket since he respects everyone , cricket community would welcome him with open arms like they do when he summons Spirit Bomb.

Goku has connections with people who work with the latest technologies like Bulma from capsule Corp to use equipment Superman can only dream of ..Also he knows guys that can summon people from the dead ..
Goku would bring back Sir Don Bradman and kick Supermans ass