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Fury Fronts up with Inaugural Uniform


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Cricket Web Premiership Football Club, and Pre-Season Tournament Champions East Coast Fury has today held their Inaugural board meeting. The main purpose of the meeting was to finalise the arrangement of the Fury’s team colours for the 1st ever season of Cricket Web Premiership Football.

The final decision came down to Club Captain, Brendon Goff, and his Vice, Simon Fitzsimmons, both of whom were pleased with the Fury’s Attacking Midfielder, Kingsley Clapham’s, final designs. The Squad will run out in the season proper opener sporting a predominantly Blue Kit, with splashes of Red & Yellow. Whilst the team’s away jersey is primarily yellow. (See Pictures below report, Kits are as follows from left to right; East Coast Fury Home, East Coast Fury GK Home, East Coast Fury Away, East Coast Fury GK Away)

The Colour of Blue was chosen to symbolise the Club’s magnificent new Stadium, located off the Coast of CW Land Capital Nixontown, which is the Worlds 1st ever stadium to be located IN the ocean. The yellow of the Kits represents the glow & wonderful nature of those folk of Nixontown, whilst the Red represents the Clubs namesake, the Fury!

After the Public release of the Kits, we managed to catch up with a few of the Fury’s stars to catch their thoughts on their new Colours, and what the season holds in store for them. 19 year old Designer and Attacking Midfielder Kingsley Clapham said he was pleased with the look of the Jerseys and was firmly in the belief that the Fury could convert its fantastic pre-season start, into success in the season proper.

“After throwing a few ideas around amongst the guys, we finally managed to come up with something that all were happy with, and that probably best represented the team, & our Home base, Nixontown as a whole”. “I’m really looking forward to the start of the regular season. We’ve made a strong start by taking out the pre-season tournament, and we definitely have the ability to carry this on into the season proper.” Clapham also expressed his joy when asked about scoring the East Coasts first ever goal. “*Laughs* Yeah It felt special, thanks must go to Hoy though for the through ball, it was an honour all the same”.

This is what Club Captain & Fury Defender Brendon Goff had to say when we caught it with him after the revealing. "The kit looks super; it really captures what the Fury is all about”. “The season is coming along nicely, we have started with the pre-season win and even though we still have plenty of improvement in us and our results so far have been more than pleasing".

We were unable to catch up with Vice-Captain Simon Fitzsimmons but we managed to nab young Striker Nitin Dravid and capture his thoughts on the day’s proceedings, and the year ahead “I'm very happy with the looks of the kits and the look of the team. Our team is looking strong and everyone should consider us as a title contender this season”



Cricketer Of The Year
dontcloseyoureyes said:
No wonder you guys won the Pre-Season Cup, playing naked and all.

I know I was rather disturbed at the sight.
Thats why you were so keen to get into our Shed after the match :p

You disgust me Smith :p