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First Class Revamp-Series rather than Championships?


Would it be a good idea to revamp the First Class scene in the top 8 nations so domestic teams play series instead of the usual championship? My thinking behind the idea is it would simulate test cricket more and also provide chances for teams to really grind into each other and figure each other out so we don't get players getting away with technical issues and the like due to playing each side twice per season. Instead during the series sides can develop plans to a particular bowler/batsman and as a result both sides would start learning alot more about their game. Of course the sides could not face every other side in one season due to time and weather constraints but over the course of two to three years play home and away series against each side (E.g. Central Districts host Canterbury for three matches: Venues: Napier, New Plymouth and Palmerston North. Next time they have a series vs Canterbury they play in Canterbury).

Of course in County Cricket this wouldn't work at all due to there being too many teams but in domestic comps with 4-6 teams it could work. Also whats the rule on playing four day cricket? Why not have five days in First Class games? It seems that many sides around the world can play for four days but then falter on day five. Surely it would be better for players to get into five day cricket earlier?

Anyway I just thought that perhaps this First Class layout might help prepare players for the step up better and get them into the groove of winning series, not silly championships where some of the teams might as well give up after a while into the season as they're no where and only have pride to play for wheras with this format each new series is a chance to shine.



Cricket Spectator
County Championship has a packed schedule as it is so this couldn't really be implemented, but in Australia and New Zealand this could work because there is nowhere near as many teams. Don't think the respective cricket boards would be willing to change the current process especially in England where rain washes out full matches frequently and a full series played at the same ground during particulary rainy weather could wash out the entire 'series'.

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
I really like this idea - it's quite original and has lots of merit.

However, there are a few problems. The most obvious of which being the inability to finalise a season winner with any real fairness. I like the idea that New South Wales or Central Districts can win the First Class competition in season X overall, and I wouldn't like to see that removed. Unless you actually had a three-match home series and a three-match away series against each team, which would take up more time than a cricket season allows, this wouldn't really be possible. Even if that somehow was arranged, you could theoretically have a conflict between the interests of the series and the interests of the championship for a team (ie. up 1-0 after two games, needing to win the third to make the championship final but only needing to draw it to win the series, chasing a possible yet unlikely target in the last 4 sessions). There are probably more problems I haven't actually thought of, as well.

I certainly wouldn't be violently opposed to it, but I wouldn't be implementing it if I had the choice at this stage.


International Captain
What about non-test nations. They don't have pre-existing FC systems so to organzie the best 50 players in theses countries into 4 odd teams to play each other in three match home-away series would be brilliant,


Cricketer Of The Year
Might be ideal for a final (as long as it doesn't stretch too far into April which the final will be this year in New Zealand). While Napier, Palmy and New Plymouth would be able to prepare three different pitches, as well as give three different regions the opportunity to watch first class cricket, playing three games in a city like Christchurch or Auckland would see the same crowd who IMO would eventually become tired of watching the same players over and over.

Tend to agree with Prince EWS's comment of "I certainly wouldn't be violently opposed to it, but I wouldn't be implementing it if I had the choice at this stage."