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Favourite Ashes Memory


Norwood's on Fire
It's not a 'favourite' memory by any stretch, but ESPN Classic have been working through the 2001 Ashes the past couple of days. Watching the 2nd Test day 2 at the minute. Anyone with the channel, worth keeping your eye out the rest of the week as they work through the Tests, I'd say.


Cricket Web Staff Member
For anyone who doesn't enjoy watching dropped catches decide matches, only start watching from the Third Test onwards.

On another note, depressing that 2001, which really doesn't feel like long ago to me, can be described as "classic" in any way. :(


Norwood's on Fire
Sky are reviewing the series so far in place of the empty day today. Just showed highlights of that last day at Cardiff. Will go down as one of my fave Ashes memories ever that I think, especially if we go on to win the series.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I honestly think that the first day of Headingley was one of my favourite cricket watching moments. We needed a win, and we set it up perfectly on the first day. I watched pretty much all of it in the big common room at college with a whole bunch of other people, with every wicket celebrated loudly. Loved it.