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Fast Bowler Survivor 2020 Finals Voting Thread


Hall of Fame Member
Imo, and again just my opinion but I'd rank Donald higher. From a statistical pov Donald only really sucked vs Australia and during his time they were an ATG team. And even so averaging 31 vs Australia is bad but not the end of the world. Also, Donald probably doesn't shine as much as Steyn because of the plethora of atg fast bowlers playing at the same time: Ambrose, Wasim, Waqar, McGrath, Walsh, Pollock etc. Steyn was great, make no mistake, but his cv is not as complete as Donald. I also feel like Donald was the type of bowler one couldn't just dominate in the same way I've seen Steyn dominated (yes very few and far between). Again just my 0.02
That's a fair assessment. I think Steyn sticks in people's minds more than Donald because his peers largely sucked. Both were very different bowlers and Steyn was more aggressive and destructive while Donald was more consistent. Personally I rate Steyn higher but I can see how someone would come to the opposite conclusion.