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Emirates umpire and referees for Sri Lanka, New Zealand, West Indies and PAKISTAN


Cricket Spectator
Sri Lanka vs Australia

Match Referee: Chris Broad

1st Test: Rudi Koertzen & David Shepherd*
2nd Test: Steve Bucknor & David Orchard*
3rd Test: Steve Bucknor & David Orchard

Umpire Srinivasaraghavan Venkataraghavan's (Venkat) last matches before his retirement from the Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Umpires was due to be the 1st and 2nd Test matches of the Sri Lanka v Australia series, but due to ill health he has withdrawn from these appointments. Umpires Shepherd and Orchard will stand in those Test Matches as his replacement.


Match Referee: Ranjan Madugalle

1st ODI: Simon Taufel* - Along side home umpire
2nd ODI: Simon Taufel - Along side home umpire
3rd ODI: David Shepherd - Along side home umpire
4th ODI: Simon Taufel - Along side home umpire
5th ODI: David Shepherd - Along side home umpire

With the withdrawal of Srinivasaraghavan Venkataraghavan's (Venkat) from the first two test matches of the Sri Lanka v Australia series, Umpire Shepherd was originally scheduled to stand in the 1st ODI match in this series, but has now been appointed to officiate to the 1st Sri Lanka v Australia Test.

Simon Taufel will replace David Shepherd in the first ODI in Karachi.

1st Test: David Shepherd & Simon Taufel
2nd Test: Steve Bucknor & Simon Taufel
3rd Test: Rudi Koertzen & David Shepherd

West Indies vs England

Match Referee: Mike Proctor

1st Test: Brent Bowden & Daryl Harper
2nd Test: Brent Bowden & Daryl Harper
3rd Test: Darrell Hair & Rudi Koertzen
4th Test: Darrell Hair & Aleem Dar

New Zealand vs South Africa

Match Referee: Clive Lloyd

1st Test: Steve Davis & Russell Tiffin
2nd Test: Aleem Dar & Asoka de Silva
3rd Test: Aleem Dar & Asoka de Silva
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State Vice-Captain
Is it me or is Asoka De Silva a really bad umpire, he keeps giving them out when they've clearly pitched outside leg


Cricket Spectator
Its not you mate, thats why Asoka has been dropped from the ICC Panel. These will be his last two tests as an ICC Elite Umpire for the short term at least!


Cricketer Of The Year
Why is it that NZ always get Asoka De Silva !???!?

Thank goodness this will be his last test series.


International Debutant
Very happy to see Simon over there...Will be keeping an eye on him as this series is being shown on cable down here...

Can't wait!! :D :P :)