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Electric Wicket Keeper


School Boy/Girl Captain
One of the best backyard cricket rules is that of the electric wicket keeper. This thread is for people to discuss and amend the rules of the electric keeper phenomenom.

Yours in cricket



Cricket Spectator
I agree that this electric wicketkeeper thing is a hot topic..
It seems if there are only a few players then you have an electric wicket keeper so that you can have an extra fieldsman..
ive also found that this thing isnt discussed before the start of the game so half way in a war usually erupts (osama bin laden style) and terrorism takes place when a batsmen refuses to be out because "he didnt know, but thats the rule from now on"....

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Cricket Spectator
Yeh auto wicky is always confusing. You have to mark out an area before playing, its only necessery if you have very few playing.


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
yeah we use auto wicket keeper plus we have 2 slips so we mark out a chalk mark of where the edge can go to. ;)


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
we had a general rule...one bat length either side of the stumps (usually an old oil drum) was caught behind, between one and two bat lengths was caught at first slip...


U19 Cricketer
we made it that anywhere within a metre of the wickets on off stump and can't get out automatically on leg side. plus if the shot intentional on the off side it can't be out


Cricket Web Owner
My brother and I used to play 1 on 1 cricket a lot in the backyard before my Dad banned us because we worn the grass out. Grass still won't grow there - LOL :laugh:.

We used to make it that for the first 15 overs there were 3 slips in. After that no slips at all.

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Cricket Spectator
Well playing against the back fence makes things a lot easier. Usually the wickets would be between two upright posts and the next set of uprights outside off stump would be the slips cordon. We always play auto-wicky and arguments never seem to occur. But we only play auto-wicky when there is only 2 players otherwise our rules state no auto-wicky whether anyone decides to field there or not.


Cricket Spectator
The rule we have in my front yard and backyard is that if the ball is hit anywhere behind the batsman on the full he is out! Even if it is the most elegant cut shot one could perform and it lands just behind squae of the wicket the batsman is out! If it is the slightest nick with the batsman using the soft hand technique to make the ball not carry, and the ball goes straight to grond but an inch behing the wicket he is out! No wicket keeper in the world would b able to catch it but this ruthless rule brings out the best in batsmen when you go out in the real games. I admit my cut shot is not used as muuch in the middle now because I dont get to practice it at home but i have become very strong with my driving and playing off the pads. Il stop blabbering on now!


Cricket Spectator
We always called it "behind and out" because we were all to lazy to stand in the slips cordon. This rule was a bit of a bugger for people who had a difficult time grasping the concept of hitting the ball forward.

Paid The Umpire

All Time Legend
What a Shocking name! (Get the joke?)

When my mates played. Usually 1 on 1, we have the keeper as the garage door. Hitting the ball on the full to the door is out. We also have the rule were if you dance once and would be stumped (including quicks) you get a warning. Second time is out. :rolleyes:

Electric Keeper INDEED! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


International Debutant
Automatic wickie definitely means stumpings, leave your crease and die! But it should depend on the pace of bowling, the bowler decides on whether the keeper is up or not, they are bowling spin then all dismissals are possible with the keeper up, at pace if the keeper is up you get stumpings but not caught behinds, or back, caught behinds buit not stumpings.
I also have automatic fielders - any trees are fielders... MAKE THIS CLEAR
We play auto wickie so that if there is a slight edge, and the bowler can hear it, it's out. This only works if ur playin with a mate u can trust, definatley NOT a sibling or family member