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Draft - your selection must have a batting average close to the previous player's selection


Hall of Fame Member
Herb Sutcliffe (60.73)
Bill Lawry (47.15)
Ricky Ponting* (51.85)
Dudley Nourse (53.81)
Shivnarine Chanderpaul (51.37)
Monty Noble (bat 30.25, bowl 25)
Trevor Bailey (bat 29.74, bowl 29.21)
Jeff Dujon+ (31.94)
Hugh Tayfield (bat 16.90, bowl 25.91)
Michael Holding (bat 13.78, bowl 23.68)
Kasigo Rabada (bat 11.43, bowl 22.95)

The side ended up a bit batting heavy but it definitely has enough firepower to take 20 wickets.
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International Vice-Captain
Final team:
Alec Stewart
Vinoo Mankad
Viv Richards ©
Jacques Kallis
Mohammad Yousuf
Mike Hussey
John Waite (wk)
Shaun Pollock
John Snow
Bill O'Reilly
Dale Steyn


International Debutant
1) L Hutton* /
2) CB Fry* / [AndrewB: fair]
3) RB Kanhai /
4) PBH May* /
5) AW Nourse* / o
6) JR Reid* / o
7) LN Constantine* o /
8) APE Knott + /
9) RJ Hadlee o /
10) GA Lohmann o /
11) H Verity o /

Too many batters, too many captains, too many bowlers...
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International Regular
@ataraxia: If you're going to claim CB Fry (0 Test wickets, 166@29 in FC) as a bowler, you might as well claim Len Hutton (3 Test wickets, 173@29 in FC), especially as Fry was no-balled for throwing.