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Draft Game - Fantasy Cricket 2020


The points Head and Hazlewood scored in the third NZ test and third Indian ODI respectively seem to have disappeared from the spreadsheet?


International Captain
Fixed now.
I'm blaming the ICC for their 'T20Is for all countries' decision making my spreadsheet more complicated to maintain.


International Captain
Team Score
Magrat Garlick 2852
NUFAN 2606
BoyBrumby 2434
mr_mister 2421
Milenko47 2414
morgieb 1990
Teuton 1835
anil1405 1792
SillyCowCorner1 1779
Wickets & Runs 834

15 matches, 0 runs is impressive by Bumrah


Stokes doing the same job for my fantasy team as he does for England by more or less single handedly keeping them in it.


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I was hoping that Bumrah and Starc were gonna be my cash cows...but they haven't generated significant incomes thus far.


International Captain
Team Score
Magrat Garlick 3567
mr_mister 3082
NUFAN 2963
Milenko47 2749
anil1405 2720
BoyBrumby 2674
SillyCowCorner1 2615
morgieb 2606
Teuton 2318
Wickets & Runs 957

The minidraft will start about a week before the end of the month, so we have 2 weeks to decide if you want to cut anyone going into Q2.

I will work a more accurate deadline out closer to the day.


Y no Afghanistan flag
This is going to be a tough minidraft working out/guessing what series will go ahead


International Captain
The way things are going we may not get any cricket in Q2 (Apr-Jun) but who knows. You can cut any players you wish from now to have picks in the minidraft, which will start in 1 week from now.


International Captain
So this seems to have been forgotten by everyone including myself for 3 mths for obvious reasons but with the potential for cricket on the horizon it is time to put together our Q3 (Jul-Sep) teams.

Nufan and mr can confirm their dropped players or cancel or do a new list. Everyone else has 7 days to post if they want to cut anyone.


International Captain
So I know the Windies are in England getting ready for their series. I have also seen Australia's recently announced schedule has Zimbabwe visiting in August so that could happen.

Has anyone seen any other updates of late for Jul-Sep?