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Dev League


Hall of Fame Member
pasag said:
but the whole thing is taken entirley out of context and selectivly edited to makle it sound ten times worse.
Selectively edited? Apart from removing the hour or so from infront of it and the half hour or so after the comment, I have done no such thing.

And trying to bring the game into disrepute and cause grief? How is this any different to
This just in.....
Marc Robbins enjoys the odd cheeseburger, so to speak. Dazza Murphy agrees.

Liam rigs the matches so Blue wins, the results show this.

Nick Borcich has a feminine voice and rat like features.

Carry on.

a thread just two down from this one which everyone's turned a blind eye to? I'm insulted that you can accuse me of trying to stir **** in all seriousness and all posts suggesting that I am have been reported for slander.


Cricketer Of The Year
Circumstances are different. 1) He left no cloud hanging over anybody, as the only person implicated in his post was him. 2) He didn't do it in the wake of an event like what's just happened, where you've intentionally replicated the anonymity of the person (in Patrick's case - people) who supposedly said such things.

Do you not see the difference?