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CWPL Fixtures

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
Round 1
Bresnan CU v Squirts
Hydra v Bye
CrickDealers v Deep Backward Square
Angry Men v Randy Boys
Avengers v Sparks
Pixie Caramels v Royal Samplers

Round 2
Bresnan CU v Avengers
Pixie Caramels v Angry Men
Royal Samplers v CrickDealers
Sparks v Hydra
Randy Boys v Squirts
Deep Backward Square v Bye

Round 3
Bresnan CU v Angry Men
Avengers v CrickDealers
Pixie Caramels v Hydra
Royal Samplers v Squirts
Sparks v Bye
Randy Boys v Deep Backward Square

Round 4
Bresnan CU v Sparks
Randy Boys v Royal Samplers
Deep Backward Square v Pixie Caramels
Bye v Avengers
Squirts v Angry Men
Hydra v CrickDealers

Round 5
Bresnan CU v Royal Samplers
Sparks v Pixie Caramels
Randy Boys v Avengers
Deep Backward Square v Angry Men
Bye v CrickDealers
Squirts v Hydra

Round 6
Bresnan CU v Pixie Caramels
Royal Samplers v Avengers
Sparks v Angry Men
Randy Boys v CrickDealers
Deep Backward Square v Hydra
Bye v Squirts

Round 7
Bresnan CU v Hydra
CrickDealers v Squirts
Angry Men v Bye
Avengers v Deep Backward Square
Pixie Caramels v Randy Boys
Royal Samplers v Sparks

Round 8
Bresnan CU v Bye
Squirts v Deep Backward Square
Hydra v Randy Boys
CrickDealers v Sparks
Angry Men v Royal Samplers
Avengers v Pixie Caramels

Round 9
Bresnan CU v Deep Backward Square
Bye v Randy Boys
Squirts v Sparks
Hydra v Royal Samplers
CrickDealers v Pixie Caramels
Angry Men v Avengers

Round 10
Bresnan CU v Randy Boys
Deep Backward Square v Sparks
Bye v Royal Samplers
Squirts v Pixie Caramels
Hydra v Avengers
CrickDealers v Angry Men

Round 11
Bresnan CU v CrickDealers
Angry Men v Hydra
Avengers v Squirts
Pixie Caramels v Bye
Royal Samplers v Deep Backward Square
Sparks v Randy Boys

Finals Round 1
1A. 2nd v 3rd
1B. 4th v 5th (elimination)

Finals Round 2
2A. 1st v Winner 1A
2B. Loser 1A v Winner 1B (elimination)

Finals Round 3
3A. Loser 2A v Winner 2B (elimination)

Grand Final
Winner 2A v Winner 3A
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Not Terrible
Gotta love how in the penultimate round I play my rival Hydra. But then in the final round I play my true rival, the Squirts.