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CW Football Code Of Conduct - First Draft


Cricketer Of The Year
This may look a little familiar to those of you who also play CW cricket.

The following offenses are punishable by the CWFA:
1. Blatant insults directed at players or teams.
2. The posting of lewd ***ual material.
3. Persistent baiting of players.
4. Excessive profanity.
5. Any other action determined to be bringing the game into disrepute.

If anyone feels any member or group of members is in breach of this Code Of Conduct, they should report it immediately to the CW PA Rep. Punishments will be determined by the CWFA selection panel, comprising of Brendan Goff, Sean Bennett, the CW PA Rep, and captain of the CW national side.
Any feedback at all on this would be much appreciated.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
v. bait·ed, bait·ing, baits
v. tr.
To place a lure in (a trap) or on (a fishing hook).
To entice, especially by trickery or strategy.
To set dogs upon (a chained animal, for example) for sport.
To attack or torment, especially with persistent insults, criticism, or ridicule.
To tease.
To feed (an animal), especially on a journey.


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In other words....

The Perisistent feeding of players, especially on a long journey :ph34r:


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Seems like everyone is happy with that, so if no suggestions are made soonish we'll adopt that as the code.

ash chaulk

International Captain
burkey_1988 said:
Seems like everyone is happy with that, so if no suggestions are made soonish we'll adopt that as the code.
dont mean to be a pain but why cant we post some ***ual comments to each other?


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Do dual accounts fall into 'bad conduct'? Just wondering as wasn't someone thrown out of the Development League for dual accounts recently? Can't remember who it was, but it may have been Kexing Su and someone else. I think Su is in this football one too, and therefore I'd presume the dualled account is as well??

Apologies if I've named the wrong name...


Hall of Fame Member
Want to lodge an officical complaint re: Jaso still playing.
I'd imagine that complaint should extend to Su as well.

An official complaint has been brought against Su and Jaso.

48 hours will be given for people to provide evidence as to their dual accounts for consideration.

Currently the official stance of the CWFA is this-

There have been rumours of dual accounts for 2 players in CW Football and Dev League. Dev League decided to suspend them whilst CW Football did not. The reason for this decision by CWFA is 2 fold. Firstly there was no evidence apart from the circumstantial (people do know each other and use each others computer when visiting) and the CW Forum rules
CricketWeb Forum Rules said:
No second accounts - Each member creates their own unique username to suit their style, personality and this identifies them in the forum. Members should not create multiple accounts to voice or create a different identity. This can cause confusion, deceit and inconvenience to all members. If you’re caught doing this, the Administrator or Moderator can impose penalties such as temporary and permanent bans on the member’s account(s)
It is the belief of CWFA that if there was clear evidence of dual accounts then sanctions would be imposed by CricketWeb itself. As CricketWeb has not taken any action against the accused for supposedly breaking the rules then CWFA will generally take a lead from how the site enforces its own rules, especially in cases without obvious answers.

It is the belief of the CWFA that it is certainly possible that the dual accounts exist but that the evidence supporting it is currently circumstantial. .

However, CWFA gives 48 hrs for anyone to provide evidence as to why they should be banned for dual accounts and give a more concrete case.

In addition. Both Jaso and Su have the same 48 hours to show activity in a CW Football thread or be deemed inactive.
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BTW, I wasn't exactly complaining that Su was playing (he does play for East Coast :p), just that if the Swell were to cop a punishment, it would only be fair that we did as well.