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Cricket Games on PS3?


School Boy/Girl Captain
Not that I am aware of,

At the moment there are currently no cricket games officially coming out, rumour is it that there will be a EA Cricket 08, but I see this as unlikely as the cricket season has already started and there is no official word but I do expect there will be an EA Cricket 09 for the Ashes and a new Brian Laras (probably under a different name seen as he has retired), either at the year or beginning of next year probably focusing on the Official ICC 20/20 world cup.

So if these games are released then they will definately be on PS3.


Cricket Spectator
there will be soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are there any cricket games coming to ps3 or are there any planned for it?
there is goin to be a PS3 cricket game based on this years ashes in england no suprise its going to be called cricket ashes 09 and it is going to be released on 31st of july 09 it really is expensive as i found out you can pre order it for just £49.99 i am not sure what that is in dollers but i hope i helped . below is the link i found it on
hmv.com: games: Ashes Cricket 2009 (2009)