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Cricket bowling yips - Problems/Solutions


Cricket Spectator
Bowling Yips: From my experience of working with struggling players, the problem at times seems insurmountable. Conventional ways of solving this problem - more practice, changing grips, run ups, pushing through etc, often doesn't help and sometimes makes it worse. Commonly this isn't a mechanical problem, it's often the 'trauma' of past bad experiences stored in our mind/body that trigger the body's fight, flight freeze response to stress. One of the key elements to providing a solution is to discover the negative turning point- when does a routine action become so complicated?

We all have an underlying program that runs us, over time it develops faults. Releasing the underlying destructive charge from from that past memory/experience that triggers the fight or flight, allows the player to re-frame, reprogram and access his talent. It's very difficult for players/ coaches (unless they have experienced 'yips' themselves) to understand the emotional/mental impact on a player who goes from the main person in the team, the go to guy, match winner, to someone who is almost a figure of fun as he gets taken off again for bowling beamers. This video takes an alternative look at helping bowlers that struggle: