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cricket 2004 what do you think? EA or no way


Cricket Spectator
I Recently Got The New Cricket Game For The Ps 2 Even Though You Can'tbeat The Real Thing It Comes In Handy When Weather Stops Plea Has Any One Got Any Hints Or Tips On The Game Ie How To Bowl?hit A Six?


International Captain
Have a look at the Commercial games forum mate. I'm pretty sure there's some hitns and tips there. That's where you should have posted this

*Edit* Thanks to the mod that moved the thread *Edit*
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Cricket Spectator
you gotta build your confidence up buddy, try scratching around some singles etc to raise your confidence also don't play andmiss at everything cos it wont go up.like that


Cricket Spectator
Well, its quite easy, get the other team out for 0 if your perfect, however the pitch has to be suitable. Get the ball exactly in line with the stumps and as far back as possible, it will be where the umpire stands so you wont see it so you need to practice. You need your spiner to do this. Get him to get the ball straight, so place the marker thing opposite the top point of the seam. Then do minimum power, this will force the player onto the back foot however the ball will dip and hit the stumps before this.You may need to adjust the power for different pitches. You will get a lot of no balls for the first bit