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Considering new forum platform


Cricket Web Owner
The moderator team and I have been discussing on and off for quite a while now the direction the Cricket Web forum will take moving forward with the software that is used.

The vBulletin product with the addons we have installed has been causing performance problems on and off so it has forced our hand in doing something about it.

One of the options is to un-install the problematic plugin and replace with it another. The cost of doing this (US$200) is more than it would be to move to the XenForo forum platform (US$140).

vBulletin is no longer the product it once was with later versions being far inferior to the version we're using currently and there seemingly being no publicly viewable roadmap for the product.

XenForo which is run and developed by original vBulletin developers has come up a lot since it was started a few years ago and that looks to be our preferred option at this stage.

We've setup a demo forum for XenForo and would appreciate feedback from the community on what you feel about this, and whether you believe XenForo is the right approach moving forward.

You can login using the details:
Username - testuser
Password - password

Feedback can be left in the Site Discussion forum here.


Cricket Web Owner
Here's a new demo I've setup with a colour scheme I think would work:


Feedback would be appreciated.

I've setup a testuser:

Username - testuser
Password - testuser

Some things I'm yet to get working:

1) Making the member section on posts should similar to existing:

2) Removing the members avatar from thread list:

3) Getting the bar between each post with date/time and postid.

4) Changing the top section to better reflect CW.