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check this out guys


Cricketer Of The Year
bugssy's soccer sim


using cm4 i want to create a soccer side in div 3, what i need are the following details if you are interested. there will be a game or 2 every 2 days.

There are contributions that you need to decide which ones you want to use. we call them the seven 20's.
these are as follows

corners, crossing, dribbling, finishing, first touch, heading, long shots, long throws, marking, passing, penalty taking, set pieces, tackling, technique, throw ins, adaptability, ambition, controversy, loyalty, pressure, professionalism, sportsmanship, tempermant, aggresion, anticipation, bravery, consistency, creativity, decisions, determination, dirtiness, flair, important mayches, influence, off the ball, positioning, teamwork, work rate, acceleration, agility, balance, injury proness, jumping, natural fitness, pace, stamina, strength, versatility, left foot, right foot,

Name: Rob Malone (Bugssy) nic name to be used on game
DoB: 13/08/1975
Nationality: Australian
Second Nationality: English
Position: Striker,
Preferred foot: Either
Seven 20s: Finishing, Acceleration, Jumping, Set Pieces, consistency, long shots, pressure

i want to put a team together and watch us destroy all the divisons on embarking up to the premier division.

will need the following positions

2 goal keepers
6 - 7 defenders
4 - 5 midfielders
3 - 4 forwards

if we have more players then we will be doing a rotating system.

all those interested please leav your details as per above and the sooner we get numbers the better and quicker we can get it going.


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Mr. P

International Vice-Captain
Don't make us too good though, remember last time when we were so good everyone got bored and we cancelled it.