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BT Times


Hall of Fame Member
IV.46 Team Of The Week

1 Karl Dillon [Inspired Reality] [136 (142)]
2 Adrian Foster [Grovehill Plodders] [149* (134)]
3 Leigh Cash (c) (wk) [Team Tomba] [168* (150)]
4 Seamus Drench [County Connells] [160* (136)]
5 Geraint Woodhouse [Inspired Reality] [136* (107)]
6 Nicholas Fox [Team Tomba] [122 (116)]
7 Stephen Holloway [County Connells] [5.1-0-23-4]
8 Jonathan Hume [County Connells] [5-1-11-6]
9 Owen Reeves [Grovehill Plodders] [4.5-0-10-5]
10 Loknath Hamed [Inspired Reality] [5-0-19-3]
11 Derek Lenka [Inspired Reality] [10-0-33-3]

No all-rounders this week, but a few big unbeaten tons and some good bowling performances make up this week's team.


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
Nicolas Fordham - Working Class Hero

Fordham strikes a ball for four in his most recent innings, of 120.

It's a Saturday afternoon and Nicolas Fordham is watching the Tawonga Juniors play at Edmonson Park. Fordham is the Juniors batting coach.

It's been hard going at the Tigers for Nicolas Fordham - he's one of only 3 original squad members to still be playing since coach Greg Thomas took over the side in late 2006.
He is currently the teams leading first class run scorer, but is still coming to grips with the fact by next season, he won't be a first team regular.

"It's been playing on my mind a bit" he admits. "It'll be tough. I'm used to playing week in and week out, but this season has been different. I've sat out a few games already and next year I'll lucky be lucky to get a game at all. I'm not complaining, but it's just a hard transition to make after being so used to this routine."

Fordham's done it tough at times. When the team first started they were in Division 4, against much better opposition.
"It certainly was a steep learning curve, yeah. We were pretty much outclassed everywhere but we still gave it our best. We got demoted which was probably for the best. But then what followed was a cakewalk! We were unbeaten in our one day league and we thought it was great. Then we got promoted back to division 4 and we were outclassed again." he says. "It was tough, basically getting hammered every week when giving 100%. You just stand out there and think "this is our best, and they're effortlessly beating us. It gets you down after a while."

Fordham played in every match of that season, despite 'better' players being rested.
"Yeah I know a few people opted simply not to play because they thought they didn't have a chance, so the Second Xi got a chance. But I wanted to play still...you learn by playing the best and I feel I'm a better player now for it."

Fordham is a hard working player. He's been shuffled around the batting order more times than a New Zealander but continues to pull off impressive performances everytime he plays. In particular, against WorldClass, he played what he describes as the innings of his life.
"We were five down and I was only jsut into my innings with only one recognised batsmen left, so it could've easily gone against us. We didn't have the runs on the board to be in a strong position, but I just knuckled down and tried to keep strike. Ghandi stayed with my for a while but when he was out I was left with tailenders."
Fordham farmed the strike and ended up 135 not out and gave his side a big enough lead to win by an innings.
"It certainly was my best innings. I didn't give any chances and I felt in the zone - and the best thing was it really helped the team. I couldn't be more stoked with that innings.

Being a middle order player hasn't helped Fordham in his time at the Tigers. Despite playing over 40 one day games, he's batted just 29 times with 10 not outs.
"Sometimes I don't bat at all, and sometimes I just come in with a few runs to get. You only get the cards that are dealt to you but more time in the middle would be great. Obviously Bongers and the openers will always bat before me, so I can't really ask for more." he says.

But the future now looks bright for Fordham. He was asked to open in the Tigers most recent one day game, something which he hasn't done since his first season where he simply failed, and scored an impressive 120. Rumour has it he will now partner Martin Thomson at the top of the order in ODI's.

"I'm certainly not going to turn it down!" he laughs "i'll bat anywhere for the team and if I'm asked to open I'll happily do it. Personally it means more time in the middle so again I have to say I'm stoked if this rumour comes true."


International Captain
Vermaak sold for 12million to Bulldogs CC. James Vermaak was today sold to English I.1 side Bulldogs Cricket Club. A player that showed so much promise but rarely delivered on it. Hard to say if he'll be missed really. All we can hope is that he can someone lift in one of BT's moer fierce league.

He played 81 compeitive matches for the club. Scoring 353 runs at 17, including a highest score of 133. A rampaging innings when given a rare opportunity to open the batting in an early cup match. He captured 105 wickets in this time at 27, with a personal best of 5/26. Despite having a mentor in former West Indian international, Tel Lee, Vermaak was never able to become a consistent performer at Airbase Road.


Cricketer Of The Year
Very promising young talent who simply never lived up to it. A change of scenery and a less demanding schedule could do him a world of good.


International Captain
Just an interesting fact that really is worth noting; James Vermaak's debut for Bulldogs CC came against Tel Lee's Sky Blues.


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
Fordham confident dark days are behind club
Nicolas Fordham, hard working batsman for Aussie club team Tawonga Tigers thinks the coming season in division IV will be different to their previous two seasons in that division.
"The last time we were in division 4 we simply didn't have enough experience. Most of the players were still undergoing intense training while the rest didn't have enough game time or form to make a difference" he says.

This will be the third journey into division IV for the Tawonga Tigers. In season 5, the season that the club was created, they won a solitary match. The following season (number 6) they were unbeaten in an easy one day league. Then, in season 7, they were hammered in every match in a season that included a 20 match losing streak against league and friendly teams.

However, team management, players and supporters are confident that this season will be different.
"We've had a look at tapes of other clubs playing, and checked out their stats" says Fordham, "and honestly? We're better than most of them, but not as good as the rest. We're predicting a mid table finish, but hoping to do better than that. However we don't think we're going to be dominated like we were (in season 7."

"Jimmy (Knowles) and Dhinners (Nicolas Dhindsa) will be two players to watch next season. They're both quality and will be turning 19, so all eyes will be on them to see how they perform. It's hard on young performers these days as a lot is invested into their training and they're expected to perform sooner rather than later in the career when they're probably at their peak" says Fordham.

Fordham is possibly reaching his peak. He's 25 and scored 350 one day runs at 70 to go with 1736 first class runs at 192 - the highest for any batsman in the club.


International Captain
Sweeney sets sail

Steven Sweeney, a member of the great Whenuapai CC youth class of season 2 which produced the likes of former New Zealand International batsmen Jason Duggan, is set to leave the club.

In his 8th season with Whenuapai, Sweeney has the most wickets for the club with a record 258 scalps at a handy average of 18.34 in 139 matches for the team. This has included no less than 8 five wicket bags. His personal best with the ball reads well with figures of 7/13.

His First Class record makes for similar reading. In 13 matches to date he has 58 victims to his name at 18.22 and a personal best of 6/22.

He will be dearly missed by fans and players alike. "I think I'll miss Jason [Duggan] the most of all." We've been running around in the same side since we were 11 years old. It's gonna be somewhat weird not having my dear old friend around. Seamus Hamshaw also deserves a mention in my opinion. He was an excellent mentor in my early days, and for this I will always be grateful."

Sweeney expressed his desire to some day return to Airbase Road to face his old teammates. "Preferably, I'd like to remain in New Zealand. If this doesn't end up happening, I guess I wouldn't be opposed to joining a side from the Cricketweb fraternity, as long as it isn't Withington. I've heard awful things about some of their players from very reliable sources. Tea bagging your woman is something I simply don't approve of."


You'll Never Walk Alone
Brackenhurst -
Manager: Nath Patrick
Captain: Ty Browne
Brackenhurst is really another name for: Peter Hamlin

Justin Hindle - LHB, LLS, Age 22
56 matches, 40 innings - 10 catches
1395 runs @ 35.77, S/R (76.52), HS (145)
69 wickets @ 26.97, Eco (4.92), BB (5/61)
The big-brother of Brackenhurst after Brett Read's departure, Hindle
plays the role of quiet contributor aswell. His solid all-round skills
are vibrant in the quieter games but seem shakey in big clashes.
Perhaps his recent change from death bowling to first-change is
exactly what he needs. Once took 8-for in a friendly.

Leighton Steyn - RHB, WK, Age 24
42 matches, 31 innings - 39 catches, 9 stumpings
668 runs @ 35.16, S/R (98.96), HS (157)
Mentor to Pete Bardle and knowledgable campaigner, Steyn's experience
plays a helpful part in the development of the club. A very solid back-up
with the gloves and hard hitter of a cricket ball.

Dean Holmes - RHB, LS, Age 24
55 matches - 17 catches
81 wickets @ 24.06, Eco (4.21), BB (7/19)
Deano and his quickish leg-spinners have made a revival in
Season IX. He is always on the spot and difficult to put away for
boundaries in the closing stages. Often his biggest enemy is himself,
becoming visibly infuriated when things don't go his way. Has the
most wickets, five-wicket hauls and best individual figures for the club.

Peter Hamlin - RHB, RM, Age 20
55 matches, 43 innings - 10 catches
2012 runs @ 59.18, S/R (91.58), HS (159)
Without a doubt the best player in the side, when people think
Brackenhurst - they think Peter Hamlin. Men want to be him and women
want to be with him. A remarkable player, particularly
against spin, he barely fails no matter what the occasion. Playing the
horizontal shots when they're not on is his main weakness, but when
pulled off correctly they are a joy to behold. If Hammers
departs without scoring many, the opposition will probably feel they
have won the game. Hamlin has played some of the great all-time innings
for Hurst and holds all sorts of batting records. Solid in the field, he is the
hope and light of the club.

Zia Burnip - RHB, OS, Age 19
39 matches, 37 innings - 2 catches
1759 runs @ 67.65, S/R (95.55), HS (163)
More often than not the reason for Hurst's great start to their innings
is Zia Burnip. Zia was often criticised for playing for his average
instead of the team. Drawing comparisons to Jacques Kallis, Burnip has indeed
found a more attacking approach with minimal risk which has made him
exciting and beautiful to watch. His straight driving is absolutely stunning. Watch for the
home crowd's call of Ziiiiiiiiiiiiia! when bowlers are running in to face-up to him.
His form will be crucial to 'Hurst's chances in the Cup.

Dwayne Smart - RHB, RF, Age 19
30 matches - 1 catch
60 wickets @ 16.43, Eco (3.94), BB (5/4)
Now seemingly at the top of his game, Dwayne Smart is a red-
hot, mature, accurate and devastating quick bowler. Leading 'Hurst's
attack, he often if not always makes the first breakthrough. Smart gains
great bounce with a Donald-esque action and will trouble even the best
batsmen on whatever surface. An extremely disciplined young man, Dwayne
is well-liked and well-known. Golden boy of coach Nath Patrick, he will
be vital in the breakdown of opposition sides.

Ty Browne - RHB, LM, Age 19
39 matches, 26 innings - 6 catches
750 runs @ 46.88, S/R (85.23), HS (115)
Inspirational. That perhaps is the best way to describe Captain Browne.
A ferocious attitude with his captaincy and bat saw Brackenhurst move
in a winning direction to the force it is today. Setting unique fields
and leading by example is what makes Browne a fantastic cricketer and
character. In the past believed to be purely a lower-order slogger,
Browne proved he had adapted his game enough to become the Club's
number five. His worth to the club goes far deeper than pure statistics and
fans and officials alike wil be hoping his positive influence on 'Hurst long

Seamus Copeland - RHB, RFM, Age 18
12 matches - 3 catches
11 wickets @ 56.91, Eco (6.32), BB (3/26)
Much more of a First-Class bowler than in the shorter form, Seamus
Copeland is far too predictable to be a force at the top level. He has
definately been improving his game of late, but will need to improve
further still to become the number one replacement for Smart or Mushtaq

Pete Bardle - RHB, WK, Age 18
23 matches, 13 innings - 47 catches, 5 stumpings
205 runs @ 17.08, S/R (100.99), HS (128)
Pete Bardle's rise from the beginning of his career has been exceptional.
Learning his trade from Steyn, Bardle's wicket-keeping is superb and
only getting better. One of the more quiet blokes of Brackenhurst,
he speaks volumes with his beautiful work behind the stumps. Needs to
rise above his FTB status with the bat however.

Arthur Greene - LH, LOS, Age 18
17 matches - 0 catches
26 wickets @ 16.85, Eco (4.13), BB (5/17)
Under-rated by all and sundry, Arthur Greene will surely get you.
Manager Nath Patrick had talked Greene up so much that by the time of
his debut, Arthur has all the right to be nervous. But in a heavy loss
for Brackenhurst, Greene shone, constantly asking questions and bagging
both openers. Greene's flight is his main feature, and his control and
variations offer batsmen no time to relax. Is still in the process
of mastering his game and turning the ball more and more.

Alex Swailes - LHB, LM, Age 18
7 matches - 0 catches
4 wickets @ 39.75, Eco (3.98), BB (2/50)
Alex Swailes left-arm mediums are accurate and annoying. Puting him away
is damn near impossible and although his 20/20 apperances have been
to date unimpressive, Nath Patrick is sure that will be his main trade.

Marvin Solanki - RHB, RFM, Age 17
6 matches - 1 catch
12 wickets @ 13.75, Eco (4.02), BB (6/19)
"I hope he doesn't do well again today." This is a direct quote from
Nath Patrick before a match in Season IX. After much questioning and
debate, it was decided by management that Mushtaq Littlejohn would claim
the remaining bowling position in the 'Hurst outfit and Marvin Solanki
has made them regret it since. Without a doubt more-than-competent
back-up for Smart or Littlejohn, Solanki's movement with the ball and energy
in the field make for a wonderful competitior.

Mushtaq Littlejohn - RHB, RFM, Age 17
5 matches - 0 catches
2 wickets @ 65.50, Eco (3.25), BB (1/24)
Although perhaps more statistically unimpressive than Solanki, Mushtaq
Littlejohn has the gig as second opening pace bowler in the
Brackenhurst line-up. With an extremely similiar, smooth action to Marvin,
Littlejohn needs to make a larger impression and soon. Took 5/24 in a
friendly, easily outbowling Solanki and loosening the tension somewhat.
In his limited OD appearances to date, Littlejohn has received orders to
contain runs and that he has done respectably. If he can keep the runs
down for 'Hurst in the upcoming Cup matches, Brackenhurst management
will be thrilled.

Graham Brazier - RHB, RM, Age 17
6 matches, 2 innings - 2 catches
77 runs without dismissal, S/R (140.00), HS (64*)
Reserve batsmen for 'Hurst and a fine one at that. Graham Brazier is
never far from selection and could easily sneak his way into the side if
others are failing to impress. With wonderful onside play, Brazier is
ideal for finishing an innings and is the man you want under a high ball,
because he actually can not drop it.

Jerome Dance - RHB, RFM, Age 17
1 match, 0 innings - 0 catches
yet to bat
Yet to get a real chance at OD level, Dance is a more traditional
batsman. Has lots of time to improve and is using his FC appearances
to show his potential.

Matthew Nott - RHB, RFM, Age 24
26 matches, 20 innings - 6 catches
495 runs @ 30.94, S/R (86.69), HS (121*)
Every team would love a player like Matthew Nott. Uncomplaining and
patient, Nott has the experience and temprament to help with large and
tricky totals alike. Unsure of his position in the order, he gives his
all every game and surely that is all you can ask for. Bullseye in
the field, he could probably work a bit on building on his starts.

Dave Nelson - LHB, LOS, Age 17
1 match, 0 innings - 0 catches
yet to bat
yet to bowl
Hindle's direct replacement, Dave Nelson is a decent all-round cricketer,
but at this stage, nothing more. Made his name in some 20/20 contests
with a crucial 5-for.

Greg Fenton - RHB, RFM, Age 17
0 matches - 0 catches
yet to bowl
Nath Patrick loves this kid. Taking 4 wickets on his friendly and 20/20
debut respectively, he is an excellent wicket-taking option, fighting with Solanki
for the main reserve bowling option.

Karl Angus - RHB, RF, Age 17
3 matches, 1 innings - 2 catches
84 runs @ 84.00, S/R (93.33), HS (84)
The new kid on Brackenhurst's batting block, Karl Angus is being
hailed as the perfect solution for life post-Brett Read. With dazzling
strokeplay and a large amount of improvisation, Angus' batting is as
exciting as it is inconsistent. Without too much difficulty Angus
should become a regular for 'Hurst's first XI, but the question is
whether he will be ready for the big stage of the CW Cup so early on in
his career. Many greater a man have broken down and cried.
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International Captain
Duggan passes 10,000 one day runs.

11.1 4 Strutter to Duggan
Short and Duggan on it very quickly, pulling behind square and all along the ground for four.

This was the moment. It moved Jason Duggan from 45* to 49, or more significantly from 9998 one day careers runs to 10002, just.


Cricketer Of The Year
Deepak Armstrong - 20 yo, ( W/Keeper)
RH Batsman, RFM Bowler, superb batting form, superb bowling form, sublime fitness.
A cautious player with abysmal leadership skills and worthless experience.

Justin Bissmire - 20 yo, (Batsman)
RH Batsman, RFM Bowler, superb batting form, strong bowling form, sublime fitness.
A steady player with abysmal leadership skills and feeble experience.

Bernie Blakeman - 19 yo, (FC Opener)
RH Batsman, RH Spin Bowler, superb batting form, superb bowling form, sublime fitness.
A destructive player with worthless leadership skills and abysmal experience.

Robert Bridges m - 21 yo, ( Batting allrounder)
RH Batsman, RM Bowler, strong batting form, superb bowling form, energetic fitness.
A destructive player with abysmal leadership skills and woeful experience.

Patrick Browne - 18 yo, (Batsman)
RH Batsman, RH Spin Bowler, strong batting form, respectable bowling form, sublime fitness.
A cautious player with competent leadership skills and abysmal experience.

Billy Cherry - 18 yo, BT ( Bowling allrounder)
RH Batsman, RH Spin Bowler, superb batting form, superb bowling form, invigorated fitness.
A defensive player with feeble leadership skills and abysmal experience.

Hugh Clunnie - 24 yo, (FC/ OD opener)
LH Batsman, LFM Bowler, superb batting form, superb bowling form, sublime fitness.
A cautious player with woeful leadership skills and woeful experience.

Doug Cooper - 18 yo, (W/K-Batsman, T20 opener)
RH Batsman, RH Spin Bowler, superb batting form, superb bowling form, sublime fitness.
A destructive player with mediocre leadership skills and abysmal experience.

Nick Jongikhaya - 19 yo, ( Bowler)
RH Batsman, LF Bowler, respectable batting form, superb bowling form, invigorated fitness.
A cautious player with worthless leadership skills and abysmal experience.

Danny Kirby - 17 yo, ( Bowler)
RH Batsman, RH Spin Bowler, superb batting form, superb bowling form, sublime fitness.
An attacking player with woeful leadership skills and abysmal experience.

Toby Lovegrove - 21 yo, ( Batsman)
RH Batsman, RH Spin Bowler, proficient batting form, abysmal bowling form, sublime fitness.
A steady player with feeble leadership skills and worthless experience.

Christian Nkosinathi - 21 yo,( Bowling allrounder)
LH Batsman, LFM Bowler, mediocre batting form, superb bowling form, invigorated fitness.
A cautious player with mediocre leadership skills and woeful experience.

Bradley Norris - 18 yo, (Bowler)
RH Batsman, LH Spin Bowler, strong batting form, mediocre bowling form, energetic fitness.
A cautious player with mediocre leadership skills and abysmal experience.

William Pidgley - 19 yo, (Bowler, FC captain)
RH Batsman, RM Bowler, woeful batting form, strong bowling form, energetic fitness.
A defensive player with superb leadership skills and worthless experience.

Junaid Samiullah - 22 yo, ( OD Opener )
RH Batsman, RF Bowler, superb batting form, superb bowling form, energetic fitness.

Billy Searle - 20 yo (Bowler)
RH Batsman, RF Bowler, superb batting form, superb bowling form, energetic fitness.
A steady player with abysmal leadership skills and feeble experience.

Jermaine Steyn - 18 yo, ( OD captain, Opener)
RH Batsman, RM Bowler, proficient batting form, superb bowling form, invigorated fitness.
A destructive player with respectable leadership skills and abysmal experience.

Dom Tudgay - 17 yo, ( Secret weapon)
RH Batsman, RM Bowler, competent batting form, proficient bowling form, lively fitness.
A destructive player with respectable leadership skills and abysmal experience.

More details soon I promise...
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International Captain
JD sets sail

Duggan was sold this morning for £11,730,000, ending a great era of Whenuapai cricket. His stats are for the club are as follows. He is probably the greatest player to ever grace the Cricketweb landscape, just.

*Hey, could someone with membership post his friendly record?

         M   I  Runs no    Ave     SR   HS   C st 50s 100s 
OD	202 184 12808 83 126.81 107.15  195* 74  1  49   58 
FC	 36  52  6925 15 187.16 103.20  424* 45  0   9   27 
BT20	 41  39  2370 33 395.00 177.13  129* 21  0  14    7 
F	 65  62  4807 31 155.06 106.16  166* 30  0  18   23
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