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BLIC Kit making tutorial


Cricket Spectator
You will need.

Things you require

1. A good source photo of the kit to be made, with all logos/text clearly visible.
2. A photo editing program like Paint Shop pro or Photoshop (I shall be using Photoshop CS2). Photoshop uses the .dds plugin, download it here
3. Baggie Studios to import the .dds files into the .bag and into the game. get it from the attatchments. youn will need this later


Ok open up the kit templates located at the bottom of the page. i will post it in a sec u ust have WIN RAR or WIN ZIP. open up shirt_sleeves_short.it should look like this.

Ok now search for a colour that is like the indian kit on the net and copy and paste it over the white kit so it looks like this.

Now right click on the colour and click blending options. At the top there is a drop down, select it and click multiply. you should now have a blue coloured shirt or whatever colour.

After that using your image of the kit tryb to cut out bits and paste them on so it starts looking proper.

Now finish off the kit and do all the others like trousers and sweaters and save them as .dds. (u must have the .dds plug in)

now you are ready to import them into the game.



Cricket Spectator
2nd part

Open Baggie Studios and then select Open>X:/ProgramFiles/Codemasters/BrianLaraInternationalCricket2005/
Data/Teams and select the team's .bag file you have made. india in my case.
The teams use the kit with the extension ....................AltODI.bag in exhibition so I mostly replace the files in them. Replace every .dds one by one by locating it on your hard disk. so replace Shirt_sleeves _short with Shirt_sleeves _short etc.

Ok now you have made the kit. check in the game and it should look like this.

First 3 people to make a kit can u plz post them here

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
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I can't believe I ate the whole thing
Unforunately I don't have the game so can't make a kit but as far as tutorials go this was very informative :) Good work!


Cricket Spectator
i have been doing for ea sports cricket2007 withh faces,kits&other stuff for my self&frnz.great of u that u r sharing.if u know other things also plz post