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Best World Cup

Which was the best Rugby World Cup?

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Cricketer Of The Year
2003 for me, though could have something to do with the fact I managed to watch the majority of the games in only the last two tournaments.


Norwood's on Fire
Parochially, 2003 all the way, as in my mind the result was never in doubt. This tournament has been really enjoyable & unpredictable though, and I also really enjoyes the 95 cup. Tough call tbh. Shall shoot with 03.


International Regular
2003 obviously but 2007 was fantastic. Noone can knock France's hosting of the WC, the quality of rugby and the heart shown throughout by certain teams.

Tbh, any WC where NZ and Aus get knocked out in the quarters will please me immensely.

Congrats to SA.


Hall of Fame Member
In terms of the rugby played this WC was better then the rest. Some of the lesser sides really stepped up, which we hadn't seen in the other WCs.


2007 every day of the week. At least half-a-dozen genuine "hold the back pages" shocks, some amazing Rugby played whatever fashion you like your union in & the best team won.

I really hope the IRB doesn't go back to 16 teams for 2011. This tournament has shown that the "smaller" Rugby nations are more than worthy of their seats at the highest table.


Cricket Web Owner
1995 for me, for the Jonah Lomu factor.

But 2007 looked to have been hosted superbly well by France in fantastic stadiums. People can start preparing for a let down in that aspect come 2011....


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
1995 by all accounts. Tempted to go for 1987 because of our dominance.
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ohtani's jacket

State Vice-Captain
1995 was easily the best. The minor countries represented in this World Cup, and Argentina played some beautiful rugby, but after the big Saturday of upsets the quality of the rugby went downhill fast. The final was the worst yet. And South Africa can't rub shoulders with any of the past champions.


Not Terrible
95 easy, it was amazing, a real world event worthy of history. I believe Clint Eastwood is considering making a movie of it, (Nelson Mandela rumoured to be played by Morgan Freeman).

Voted 2007 as a joke, shocked to find others had voted for it. While the hosting was great the actual rugby hasn't been that good.


School Boy/Girl Captain
I would go with the 1991 World Cup. Several reasons for that (some of them are personal).

- It was my truly first World Cup. I remember the 1987 World Cup, but I only watched the semifinals and the final.

- The 1991 Wallabies are my #1 team. It was amazing how great that team was: Farr-Jones, Campese, Lynagh, Eales, Horan...

- Some matches were truly exciting: how could you forget France vs England and Ireland vs Australia. The Irish scored one amazing try with just few minutes remaining; then in injury time, Michael Lynagh scored the winning try. And what about France vs England in Paris!! England had won the Grand Slam some months before, beating France at Twickenham.. So that was the rematch! Another great win by England.

And what about the two semifinals! England defeated Scotland (poor Gavin Hastings) and Australia defeated New Zealand with Campese dominating: a try and a marvellous pass for Horan!

So, that is my World Cup!!!
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biased indian

International Coach
95..its the only time i watched rugby seriously.....

still watch them but to watch it in midnight is not possible not that passionate...