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Best Pace Trio Going into the World Cup

Best Pace Trio

  • Shaheen-Naseem-Rauf

  • Cummins-Starc-Hazlewood

  • Jansen-Rabada-Nortje

  • Shami-Bumrah-Siraj

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U19 Captain
I would have said Pakistan but not sans Shah. It is their only real arrow. I just saw the squad news online - Hasan Ali is a poor bowler & a verifiable runs truck as they say in the islands.

Kenneth Viljoen

International Debutant
What happened to Usman Khan Shinwari ?
His ODI career reads 17 matches, 34 wickets
@18.61 ..Very few bowlers have ever averaged 2 wickets a game in odi cricket yet he's nowhere to be found

Test fan

U19 Vice-Captain
India, Australia and South Africa all have gun attack but What is more important that who are the two Spinners who support them . Kuldeep and jadeja combos made indian attack more stronger than anyone