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Batting Technique/practice bowling technique/practice


U19 12th Man
Does anyone know what the difference is, and which one is best to use. I haven;t a clue. If i was going to apply common sense I would say that technique should be used to develop young players over time, with practice allowing established players or even youngsters to work on their current batting and bowling skills.

With this in mind it would be pointless using batting or bowling technique to older players, but at what age would this be pointless?

Also I may be wrong, perhaps in game terms the technique and practice terms mean something else. Can anyone help me out, as i've got a feeling i;ve been wasting valuable coaching points by using the wrong training for players.

Thank you


Cricket Spectator
Hi Sammy,

I tend to use Batting/Bowling Technique until the player is around 24/25 years old. They usually peak around then, so once they get to that age I move onto Batting/Bowling practice.

Seems to work well, hope this helps.


U19 12th Man
Thanks Taylor. I'll give it a try. I just wanted to make sure what the difference was and make sure i wasn't wasting my time. :cool:

Much appreciated.