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Archived [19/01/09] Battrick

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Hall of Fame Member
Gareth Bardle - 21 yo, BT Rating=89,205
RH Batsman, RFM Bowler, strong batting form, respectable bowling form, sublime
A cautious player with woeful leadership skills and competent experience.
Stamina: superb Wicket Keeping: worthless
Batting: worthless Concentration: competent
Bowling: exquisite Consistency: exceptional
Fielding: remarkable

Dwight Kealey - 19 yo, BT Rating=66,075
RH Batsman, RM Bowler, strong batting form, superb bowling form, fresh
An attacking player with worthless leadership skills and woeful experience.
Stamina: superb Wicket Keeping: abysmal
Batting: superb Concentration: superb
Bowling: wonderful Consistency: strong
Fielding: strong


Cricketer Of The Year
Just about beat bugssy to even the score at 2-2 between us this season.

The Heath CC: 283/5 (50) Kepler 79* (103), Bartlett 73 (70), Gardiner 56 (53), Deacon 2/49 (10)
caves_beachcc: 273/2 (50) Skipper 106 (122), Schofield 65 (101), Longthorn 58* (49)

The Heath CC win by 10 runs.

Good game bugssy!
it was a good game mate

2 - 2 all ...we need to have another one!


Hall of Fame Member
Anyone want a friendly, most likely resting Jeithoon and Muralitharan, so an easy win. For some reason i want to play Clapo or Blake, don't think i've played either. But i'll play anyone.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Haha, awesome. I'm 4 NRR points behind the 4th placed team, and I get this message from the team I'm playing tomorrow:

mate i'll be playing a crap side.. with bowlers opening and batsmen bowling. Hope it helps you lift your RR above kaos as he'll surely go down tomorrow. Best of luck and smash us all over the park. will set toss to field also so set yours to bat :o)


You'll Never Walk Alone
Haha, that's awesome. WAG.

Playing an easybeat, so mixing around with my team to get some of my players down the order some gametime. Anything other than a 200+ or 8+ wicket win will be dissappointing. It feels good saying that. :D

Brackenhurst :cool:


International Regular
Another fine showing of why im called Four Pillars and Poor Fillers. Wikus and Poke take 5 between them, now my other bowlers cant get the tail.

End of Over 32: 114-8, runrate=3.56
Sicelo	6-0-30-0
Ellis*	47 (59 balls)
Crawford	3 (23 balls)
Last Wicket: Beech b. Byles 0 (FOW: 98/8)

End of Over 37: 129-10, runrate=3.49
Evelyn	4-0-9-4
Ellis*	53 (71 balls)
5 overs later Evelyn takes the final two wickets. Should be an easy chase, though win or loss ive come 5th.
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Going alright atm.

End of Over 38: 240-2, runrate=6.32
Hussain	9-0-67-1
Munroe*	69 (79 balls)
Keane	122 (107 balls)
Last Wicket: Holly b. Hussain 16 (FOW: 69/2)


End of Over 50: 330-3, runrate=6.60
Mapes	10-0-69-1
Munroe*	110 (115 balls)
De beer	11 (7 balls)
Keane made his HS of 160 before getting out with a few overs left.


Cricketer Of The Year
good come back from my guys...........

they where going at 6 an over but we held em back to 220. should be able to get that!

End of Over 1: 2-0, runrate=2.00, reqrunrate=4.47 (220-10)
Keith 1-0-2-0
Skipper* 1 (3 balls)
Schofield 1 (3 balls)


Cricketer Of The Year
and as usuall chasing a low target i am struggling lol

End of Over 7: 24-2, runrate=3.43, reqrunrate=4.58 (220-10)
Keith 4-0-10-2
Antonius* 5 (11 balls)
Longthorn 10 (17 balls)

Last Wicket: Schofield lbw b. Keith 2 (FOW: 8/2)


And that's the end of the match. Central Districts won by 274 runs.
Central Districts	330-3
Lets Play Cricket	56-10
End of Over 17: 56-10, runrate=3.29
Hodge	8-2-29-5
Hodge takes his 5th 5-fer for the season.


The match is over. Saggers Mob won by 9 wickets.
benquigley 73-10
Saggers Mob 75-1

Finch starred with 3-10 and Elmes took his season average to 130 after 14 matches with 30*.


Cricketer Of The Year
End of Over 22: 104-3, runrate=4.73, reqrunrate=4.18 (220-10)
Thorn 1-1-0-0
Tyler* 20 (20 balls)
Antonius 49 (58 balls)

Last Wicket: Longthorn b. Lowndes 23 (FOW: 74/3)

antonius just bought up his 50


Cricketer Of The Year
End of Over 29: 130-5, runrate=4.48, reqrunrate=4.33 (220-10)
Winterburn 8-1-31-1
Antonius* 67 (80 balls)
Wight 0 (4 balls)

Last Wicket: Hildred Run Out 3 (FOW: 128/5)

and struggling


Cricketer Of The Year
End of Over 31: 144-5, runrate=4.65, reqrunrate=4.05 (220-10)
Winterburn 9-1-43-1
Wight* 11 (10 balls)
Antonius 69 (87 balls)

Last Wicket: Hildred Run Out 3 (FOW: 128/5)

tight game........turning what should be an easy chase into something difficult!


Cricketer Of The Year
dissapointing end to the season

End of Over 42: 192-9, runrate=4.57, reqrunrate=3.63 (220-10)
Thorn 9-2-24-1
Wight* 32 (36 balls)
Francis 0 (1 balls)

Last Wicket: Farmer b. Thorn 0 (FOW: 192/9)

doing it tough. nail bitting finish!~


Cricketer Of The Year
And that's the end of the match. Capalaba Turks won by 20 runs.
Capalaba Turks 220-10
caves_beachcc 200-10

End of Over 43: 200-10, runrate=4.65
Allsopp 7-0-38-3
Francis* 0 (1 balls)
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