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Anyone have a clip of sachins' dismissal in his 175 knock


I cant find it on youtube but I do no think that this should have been given out, as the stumps are broken in the movement that leads to the ball being caught b the keeper from the fielders throw in. Is this another form of cheating that is creeping in to the game more and more? To my knowledge the stumps must be broken with ball in hand and not before the ball is caught and under the control. The reason i ask is, I would have loved to see him make 200 and I do not think this was out. Can anyone explain the rule clearer? I remember Gibbs cost us a WC by throwing the ball in th air before completing the catch, is this not similiar?

Eit: I stand corrected, it was not him, but one of last wickets to fall. (Sacin was caught).
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