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All things Pakistan Cricket


Hall of Fame Member
It's sad. I though he was doing an amazing job with them.
Got the feeling Waqar was not good tactically. You can tell he was very dedicated and from what I read he pushed hard on fitness level which is very important. He could do well as supporting coaching role but not sure about him as head coach. Though from his leaked reports, he was basically a puppet.


International Coach
Younis in acting melodramatic shocker.

Younis Khan fined for dissent after snubbing hearing | Cricket | ESPN Cricinfo

To be fair the umpiring is pretty bad from all accounts, but its still a huge overreaction.

Osman Samiuddin ‏@OsmanSamiuddin Apr 23 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
I don't know details and YK's clearly overreaction but I do know Shozab Raza is easily the worst umpire history has ever known.
Rehan Ulhaq ‏@Rehan_ulhaq Apr 23
One from the Shozab Raza chronicles: Zulfiqar Babar is bowling, he ball clearly hits the bat, Zulfi appeals casually ...
Rehan Ulhaq ‏@Rehan_ulhaq Apr 23
Shozab Raza is about to raise his finger, Zulfi realizes he is actually going to give out, he waves not out, takes back his appeal

Rehan Ulhaq ‏@Rehan_ulhaq Apr 23
Shozab with his hand halfway up, about to give it out, puts his hand back down.

Rehan Ulhaq ‏@Rehan_ulhaq Apr 23
Never seen a bowler take back his own appeal but then again never seen an umpire as bad as Shozab Raza.
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there should be investigation if the umpire actually said he couldn't give misbah out so easily because he is misbah. OTT reaction by Younis anyhow


International Regular
Just listened to a Umar Akmal interview. Must be the most hilarious interview I've listened to in a long time.

Here are some gems:

"Kamran and my physique is such that even drinking water increases our weight - not so for Adnan who can eat what he likes!"
"Water" :ph34r:

"Even during county cricket and T20 leagues, I was told by my coaches to lessen training during the tournament as it would effect my performance"
Scientifically proven fact.

"They gave me a protein shake and said we need your 100% energy in this tournament, other training you can do when you go back to the NCA"
Protein shake, training taken care of.

"We have had situations where we have not been able to even listen to music!"
"There are good and bad ways to get your dose of entertainment but in my case, I like to listen to music and if I am not even allowed to listen to music there then thats not fair"
"When I play in leagues, I am allowed to listen to music"
"I listen to music and then pray when its time to pray but I like music; this is not allowed in the Pakistan team"
He likes his music. Actually here I feel bad just a teeny bit.


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Sounds as thick as they come. Fortunately for him, he's got talent at cricket.