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7th June - Group B - Pakistan v South Africa

Who will win this match?

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International Coach
Not really.

And what's the thinking behind 2 spinners when Ali is paks best wicket taker? Not clever.
It's Edgbaston which will give most turn out of any English pitch. Imad would be one of my first names on team sheet for Pakistan.


Cricketer Of The Year
This is why Shehzad needs to be banished from Pakistan cricket for good..not just from Playing XI. He shouldn't be near anything to do with Pakistan cricket


International Coach
Woof, all reds on hawkeye although when batter is that far down i always have sympathy with the umpire.


Qdk desperately wanted the boundary. This is why it's important to stop boundaries. Now just get ine of these two and sa will look to crumble.


International Captain
Pakistan are making this far more interesting than expected. South Africa should realise that they don't necessarily need a giant 300 plus score in this game. This partnership needs to be big but steady.