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Thread: Borrowing Space

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    Borrowing Space

    My webhosting space is currently down, so I need somewhere to put this. Hope it isn't a burden on the servers...

    The Roegrow Grass Patch
    Age - 71 years
    Capacity - as many people as can stand around it (about 3000)
    Club: Roegrow Athletic

    Infamous for hosting the Field Hockey World Cup with many "funny" incidents, the grass patch has recently been improved, and people generally don't let their dogs out there anymore. However, it's still a pretty poor pitch, and no stands are expected to be built for the World Cup - other stadiums need the money.

    Harewood Ground
    Age - 38 years
    Capacity - 26,000
    Club: Harewood F.C.

    The Harewood Ground has recently undergone major improvements, and it is now an all-seater stadium with plenty of facilities. As a small capacity stadium, it is unlikely to have a lot of games in the tournament, but it has atmosphere and a certain football culture seen in few cities of Cockbill Street.

    Vimesbairn Cricket Ground
    Age - 102 years
    Capacity - 81,000
    Club: CSCT County Cricket, Rats (national cricket team), Vimesbairn Athletic

    The Vimesbairn Cricket Ground is a well-established stadium, used for cricket matches since the beginning of sports in Cockbill Street. Among others, it has hosted the final of the Kelwanese Cricket Championships, and several CS Cup finals in football. The county cricket league in Cockbill Street will be scheduled so that no matches for CSCT will be played here while the World Cup is going on.

    Vimesbairn National Stadium
    Age - 68 years
    Capacity - 147,250
    Club: Vimesbairn United, National football team

    The Vimesbairn National Stadium has been used for all national matches in Cockbill Street, and also hosted the final of the Field Hockey World Cup. It is the largest stadium of Cockbill Street, both in capacity and pure area of grass (125 x 95 metres).

    K'haz'bak K'ruz'ba D'gazh'dukh
    Age - 74 years
    Capacity - 94,000
    Club: K'haz'bak K'druz'ba

    The major stadium of the K'haz'bak K'ruz'ba club, this stadium has seen many tense league fights between them and Vimesbairn United. Although not having any international experience, the stadium has seen frequent match-ups between the Dwarfs v the Trolls - the classic all-star match of the Cockbill Street league. Security is obviously on top in these matches, and will not be a problem here. Hence, the most "tense" matches will be arranged in this stadium.

    Northset County Cricket Ground (Chesham)
    Age - 18 years
    Capacity - 62,000
    Club: Northset County Cricket, Chesham Rangers

    Another cricket ground, this stadium was recently built to celebrate Northset's county championship (their old ground had a capacity of 8,000). Second division side Chesham Rangers also play here, but usually on Wednesday afternoons. Again, of course, Northset matches will be rescheduled, and due to the huge amount of stadia in this cup, this should not be a problem. The Northset CCC was also a venue for the Kelwanese Cricket Championships.

    Jotneheim Park
    Age - 91 years
    Capacity - 9,000
    Club: Jotneheim Mountains AFC

    Although a small stadium, the Jotneheim Park has a certain charm. Situated beautifully among the mountains, the danger is that players will stop looking at the scenery. It too has hosted a number of Dwarfs v Trolls match-ups. It will also be used for "tense" match-ups, but mainly for smaller teams playing each other.

    Thatcher Road, Upperborough
    Age - 48 years
    Capacity - 34,000
    Club: Upperborough FC

    Perhaps not with the best facilities, but this stadium is a reasonably good one. Its major club, Upperborough FC, has stayed in the Cockbill Street Main League for thirty years, and is one of the better teams in the league. Their stadium is a traditional one, and a couple of years ago Upperborough FC invested in seats for everybody, despite the picture not showing this.

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    Sportonia International Cricket Stadium

    Age-15 years
    Team-Gahitiball CCC/Gahitball Gorillas

    A gigantic stadium which is due to host the World Cup Final and has history having hosted all the Sportonia FA Cup and all the Cricket Championship finals while it has been in existance.

    TTT Baseball Stadium

    Age-21 years
    Team-Sportonia Baseball

    A stadium designed for baseball and when playing cricket has a small out field.

    Tokala Recreation Ground

    Age-96 years old
    Team-Tokala CCC/Tokala Tigers

    A stadium which was originaly one of the top in the world but unknown except to Sportonians but now is only the 3rd best in Sportonia with many different sections all looking different.

    International Airport Ground

    Age-21 years old
    Team-Airport Services

    A stadium which quite often gets selected for tour matches for many sports because of it's easy location and will be used in a few World Cup matches.

    Mt.Hilono Cricket Ground

    Age-50 years old
    Team-Hilono State

    A nice ground situated in the foot-hills of a huge mountain.

    Sportonia Army Base NNE

    Age-2 years old
    Team-Army Cricket

    This stadium also used as the Army's Rugby ground and is a little picturesque ground

    President's Playing Field

    Age-11 years old
    Capacity-Any one who stands round it
    Team-President's XI

    This tiny ground is scheduled to host a warm-up game

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    Name: Saddam Hussain Iraq International Rugby League Stadium
    Location: Basra, Iraq
    Capacity: ~250
    Team: Basra RLFC.

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