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Thread: Throwing Stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burgey View Post
    Who are you ffs? Why are you making these age jokes? I should, I suppose, be flattered and ought to make a little joke back, but I'm afraid you're so monumentally nondescript I'm not able to.

    RIP Craig Walsh (Craig) 1985-2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by morgieb View Post
    Zip it, ****.

    You have to earn your stripes to make an ageist joke. It's nothing personal against Ganeshran who's a good fella.

    And as for you, ****. Here I was going to post how you're the most improved poster on the forum in the BOTM thread. Well, gagfc.

    That and trhe bottle of Villa Maria at lunch has rendered me disinclined to do so! WAC.
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    Guys, I've just liked the OP. It's a travesty that it previously had no likes, let's make it the most liked post in the history of CW
    "I can't promise anyone success but I can promise them a trip to the moon." - John King

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    In my youth, I regularly played backyard cricket with some of my neighbours who were roughly the same age as I. We developed some really unorthodox rules to counteract the environmental hazards at play.

    One such rule outlawed throwing anything other the other players, particularly while they were batting. Penalty runs would ensue if this rule was broken. The reason behind this was fairly simple; players used to throw all sorts of random objects that could found on the field at the batsman to distract him. Gumnuts, grass and eventually even shoes were thrown, which saw to the introduction of the eventual rule after a shoe cost me a match to the shoe-thrower.

    These penalty rules essentially got me a win one day. I was four runs short of victory when I was dismissed, before one of the fielders decided to throw gumnuts at me. It was a deliberate concession of penalty runs out of spite, to stop another player he was having a tiff with from finishing on top. The rules had to be tinkered again after that.

    Good times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HeathDavisSpeed View Post
    I got great enjoyment in going to the game and shouting "WHY THE **** ISN'T THIS GAME BEING PLAYED AT THE BASIN?!>!?!?" to reasonably significant cheers from the sparse crowd
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hurricane View Post
    If we do a this is your life on PEWS we have to track down Sanka.
    He went off the rails. Used to come into my house in the middle of the day to steal my parents' cigarettes and alcohol.

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