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Recent content by slowfinger

  1. slowfinger

    *Official* IPL 2019

    to be fair when you read his side of the argument it doesn't seem so polarising, from his POV it seems he was just trying to gain clarity on the situation, not condoning his action but still
  2. slowfinger

    *Official* IPL 2019

    bring back the pitch invasion
  3. slowfinger

    ***Official*** County Cricket 2019

    Can we turn this into a thread please, chaps? I would love to have a discussion about our enigma, Gary Balance.
  4. slowfinger

    Best(current) commentators

    The guy who said 'Man on the moon we have a visitor!' On the IPL, I always enjoy listening to him, although his IPL commentating is always peak. I also enjoy Nasser and Holding, don't really rate Strauss, Warney's entertaining as well... Bob Willis and Jeremy Coney always have interesting...
  5. slowfinger

    Most lll treated players

    He recently scored 90* from 58 deliveries and in same match Asad Shafiq got 98 from 101 balls but all comemntators said Asad Shafiq played outstanding knock and cemented his place for the WC
  6. slowfinger

    Most lll treated players

    I'm actually outraged he would have given so much stability in the batting line up this WC
  7. slowfinger

    Most lll treated players

    Its because he's from Karachi
  8. slowfinger

    Are tons really that impressive in this era?

    Great statistical analysis. Hard to draw a definite conclusion however
  9. slowfinger

    I wanna be a test offspiner

    As an off spinner myself I'd say the first thing you have to do is, get fit. There are very few professional cricketers left that make test level without exceptional fitness. Secondly, take it easy, firstly start playing for a club, you have to understand how difficult cricket really is, amd of...
  10. slowfinger

    Will Chanderapul be considered an all time great?

    If his son was batting at the other end, I wonder what his approach would be?
  11. slowfinger

    ***Unofficial*** Fawad Alam discussion thread

    And he scored 90* a few days ago for Sindh warriors. He batted 4 times v Kenya and hit 2 50's. For him thats poor aswell. His first class average is also nearing 57 now....
  12. slowfinger

    Will Chanderapul be considered an all time great?

    I don't understand what constitues an ATG if Chanderpaul does not constitute as one.
  13. slowfinger

    Will Chanderapul be considered an all time great?

    I think we do become a bit harsh towards Chanderpaul as well. I think noone here would say that he's a test ATG, despite the fact that he has scored more test 50's than anyone bar Sachin, statistically he is the greatest West Indian batsman ever, or close to, and people wouldn't even place him...
  14. slowfinger

    ***Unofficial*** Fawad Alam discussion thread

    I think you mean when Kenya came to Pakistan?
  15. slowfinger

    *** Official *** West Indies in South Africa 2014/15

    It was like Sulieman was more surprised than Alviro