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Recent content by shortpitched713

  1. shortpitched713

    CW Worst 15 Cricketers of All Time - The Results

    Screw the rules, I'm bumping a legendary thread.
  2. shortpitched713

    #Link to Testing Forum#

    See fellas, this is how you test. You've got to start with the English language, imo.
  3. shortpitched713

    Testing Forum in Here!

    My favorite thread on cricket web has to be the ban announcements thread. Hooray for the site discussion forum! :happy: Edit: Also, is there a way to search for threads based on whether or not they have been closed?
  4. shortpitched713

    Testing Forum in Here!

    Whatever happened to those really long testing forum threads with polls and the like? I think they need to make a comeback. So this thread is my contribution to bringing testing forum back to its former glory.
  5. shortpitched713

    Caption This

    Haha, yeah World Cup and free time have drawn me back to cricket for the time being.
  6. shortpitched713

    Caption This

  7. shortpitched713

    Test match Records that will never be broken !!

    Reading through the discussion on Bradman's "record" I see that meaningless pedantic arguments are still alive and well in Cricket Chat. Never change CW, never change.
  8. shortpitched713

    Kallis Vs Sobers

    Let the record show that my vote for Precambrian was for the era, not the op.
  9. shortpitched713

    Predict National Side 2011

    Time to check how far off we were. This should be fun. Especially considering I haven't watched much cricket in the last 2+ years. :wacko: And their 11 for the first Test against New Zealand: Mohammad Hafeez - decent bat, but we could probably do better Taufeeq Umar - solid opener by Pakistani...
  10. shortpitched713

    Official Pro-Wrestling Thread (WWE, TNA, ROH etc.)

    This thread is the fifth hit on google when I searched for "John Morrison's gimmick". CW, though knowest not the power you wield.
  11. shortpitched713

    Predict National Side 2011

    Freaky as hell. Visit cricket web in the longest time ever and the most recent thread in cricket chat is one started by yours truly! :-O Don't really have anything else relevant to offer, as Pakistan cricket's scheduling has been pretty terrible and my interest has waned quite a bit but I must...
  12. shortpitched713

    Daniel vettori or Monty Panesar?

    As a Test match bowler, I would have to go Monty. Little hard on Monty to compare him to as established a ODI bowler as Vettori, but Vettori is miles ahead in that category at this stage. Went by the normal CW rule and assumed the OP was talking about Tests as it was not stated otherwise. :p
  13. shortpitched713

    Are people naturally talented or is it developed?

    Not giving our man enough credit there, one would think.
  14. shortpitched713

    Pakistan Cricket (or lack thereof)

    Agree with the former, but really have no idea what to do with Bangladesh. Even if there was a tiered system for first class internationals, I'm pretty sure Bangladesh would annihilate anyone in the second tier. But to expect them to rise to the level of the big boys in the near future seems...