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Recent content by rivera213

  1. rivera213

    Flintoff disciplined: booze suspected

    He missed the bus because he got pissed and this isn't the first time he's done something of this ilk. I don't know Tony Adams either but the behaviour is exactly the same. Ditto for Symonds. I was refering to Strauss' comments in his press conference, not my opinion.
  2. rivera213

    How Many Centuries Will Phil Hughes Score?

  3. rivera213

    The stats do not do him justice!

    Fair enough, but isn't that exactly what others who are arguing with me are also doing? It's enough, and no they aren't generalizations, they're opinions. The sport. Number of people playing it at the lowest level, level of competitiveness, media coverage. Loads of things. Just because...
  4. rivera213

    Flintoff disciplined: booze suspected

    Flintoff is 1 step from being an alcoholic. This is the type of crap Tony Adams used to do before he admited it to himself. All this talk about it NOT being 1 rule for 1 and 1 rule for everyone else is a joke. Had Bresnan done this, he'd have been dropped.
  5. rivera213

    The stats do not do him justice!

    Don't give me the "for once" **** when all you've provided is statistics which you got from cricinfo/wisden coupled with your huge bias (for whatever reason) for the 30's. Apart form natural progression of the sport (more people playing it being the obvious 1), then nothing has changed between...
  6. rivera213

    England 17-man squad

    I agree and I actually think Onions atm, but I think Sidebottom will take more scalps than Broad, yet Broad is nailed-on to be in the team. It doesn't make sense to me picking a lesser bowler because he can hold a bat but hey that's the ECB for ya. :laugh:
  7. rivera213

    *Official* First Test at Swalec Stadium, Cardiff

    Give me the "poor" wicket in that case. I'm sure it will be prepared so that it offers assistance ot the spinner, you can't make the Cardiff wicket seamer friendly per se, so you may as well exaggerate it in faourof the spinner. Since a certain Shane Warne is no longer in the ranks, it will be...
  8. rivera213

    The stats do not do him justice!

    Bradman was 40 years old but the bowlers he faced were also either old and past it or young and upcoming (and nowhere near the bowlers they blossomed into) and it's far easier to bat at an old age compared to bowling. Had Don batted against the next crop of quicks at peak or even against Laker...
  9. rivera213

    Vaughan to retire?

    In hindsight, he should've retired once he resigned as captain. I agree that at his best he is 1 of the best batsmen to watch. Probably the most elegant English batsman since Gower. His pull and cover drive were shots which you just watched with awe. How can he make it look so damn easy?! His...
  10. rivera213

    The stats do not do him justice!

    Because Sachin was at his best in the 90's and is 36 now. You simply do not have a clue about anything to do with cricket and are so hugely biased towards Aussies you cannot form an unbiased opinion. And BTW- The batsmen you mentioned didn't average 40+ AGAINST those bowlers, they took apart...
  11. rivera213

    How Many Centuries Will Phil Hughes Score?

    I think he'll be the long term Aussie opener in all 3 formats unless they find 2 better openers who are specialist T20 players which I doubt.
  12. rivera213

    2 Tier test system

    It wont work and it would be boring to play the same 3 teams all the time. The ICC rankings never made sense to me. England will play Australia for 5 tests, then South Africa for 4 tests, (then India or Sri Lanka for 3 tests more than likely but nothing is confirmed), then Pakistan for 4...
  13. rivera213

    The stats do not do him justice!

    Too many people to answer to, but a few points: * Stats of averages between bowlers and batsmen throughout the years is a great way of judging progression but it, unfortunately, doesn't tell you how good or bad a batsman/bowler was or how bad the poor players were in that era. I don't disagree...
  14. rivera213

    How Many Centuries Will Phil Hughes Score?

    Hughes gives the bat a good swing when outside off stump which in itself should please our bowlers. If I'm honest, I think he's a pretty ugly player but he's an ugly player with 3 test centuries already so I can't see him adopting a more Gower-esque approach. Lol.
  15. rivera213

    This is why Australia will lose the Ashes

    I wouldn't read too much into Sussex's apparent ass-whooping of Australia. I can't remember how many times I thought we'd win the Ashes only for Australia to outclass us in every department. It's good to see Hughes out for 15 though, it at least shows he's human! Lol