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Recent content by Mrmidon

  1. Mrmidon

    Grains on your bat

    Cheers Tom so 2 different views then guess as suspected it comes down to personal preference
  2. Mrmidon

    Grains on your bat

    Weight and balance was my theory too Cosmetics aren't a priority however the theory is the more grains the better the bat as the smaller grains (more) soften up better in the knocking in process without becoming too soft? Think ill just buy something that feels right in my hands
  3. Mrmidon

    Would Kevin Pietersen Have Made the SA Team?

    Personally think KP as a cricketer was right up there and on his day gets in the SA team. AB same but Amla for me was very average (especially in the Big Tests) so KP would have had that spot for sure.
  4. Mrmidon

    You tubing it to find a new bat

    You tubing it to find a new bat
  5. Mrmidon

    Grains on your bat

    Hi all. Returning to cricket at 49 (moved to a new village recently) Looking to buy a bat (had a passed down SS back in the day. All I see on the net is more grains the better ? Really? Surely a nice piece of willow makes a good bat? Or am I missing something? Any advice appreciated