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Recent content by ImpatientLime

  1. ImpatientLime

    England players and selection discussion thread

    burns needs runs in his next series or his card might just be marked.
  2. ImpatientLime

    4th Test at the Gabba, Brisbane, 15 - 19 Jan 2021

    tim paine to ton up for the first time?
  3. ImpatientLime

    4th Test at the Gabba, Brisbane, 15 - 19 Jan 2021

    can anyone confirm whether or not the new boys like ashwin?
  4. ImpatientLime

    *Official* England in Sri Lanka 2021

    man when root bats with this level of mastery....
  5. ImpatientLime

    let’s remember some guys

    he went to great lengths did raymundo to keep the countries and arguably worlds best keeper out of the side. even richard blakey (another yorkie) got picked over russell in 1993s terrible tour to india. richard blakey test match caps - 2 innings - 4 runs - 7 HS - 6 AVG - 1.75 catches - 2 now...
  6. ImpatientLime

    Paine and Ashwin interactions

    paine loves pulling the 'got more mates' card. i've got 104 friends
  7. ImpatientLime

    let’s remember some guys

    paul nixon, what a gun skin looked so tight on his face that he just resembled a skull at times imo gum shield in place joining the cb series in 2007 becasue fletcher wanted someone who could gee up a demoralized squad took to it like a duck to water, sledging the absolute **** out of anyone in...
  8. ImpatientLime

    let’s remember some guys

    ricardo powell would probably have been a pretty damn good gun for hire on the t20 scene had he been born 10 years later.
  9. ImpatientLime

    3rd Test at the SCG, Sydney, 7 Jan - 11 Jan 2021

    yep i was thinking about this earlier. there aren't 6-7 indian batsman superior to him at test level. he should play every bloody game.
  10. ImpatientLime

    *Official* England in South Africa 2020

    his reaction suggested that he didn't realise there was only a single left to get.
  11. ImpatientLime

    *Official* England in South Africa 2020

    yep, one of those 'my diamond shoes are too tight' kinda problems
  12. ImpatientLime

    *Official* England in South Africa 2020

    lament the red ball player sure, but my word celebrate the white ball version of bairstow. one of the absolute best in the world. an absolute beast of a performer over the past few years.
  13. ImpatientLime

    The balls of the century

    if we're basing it on context then it most certainly isn't number one. flintoff to ponting in terms of context is leagues ahead.
  14. ImpatientLime

    Is Andrew Symonds the best fielder we've ever seen?

    second this on jordan. bloke turns 3s into 2s, 2s into 1s so easily. also probably the best pair of hands i've ever seen. capable of the absolute sublime and ridiculous.
  15. ImpatientLime

    ***Official*** India's Tour of Australia 2020/21 - General discussion

    completely understandable. given the circumstances, sport really doesn't mean an awful lot in comparison.