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Recent content by Howsie

  1. Howsie

    *Official* Australia in New Zealand T20s 2021

    Just the ones New Zealand don’t want
  2. Howsie

    *Official* Australia in New Zealand T20s 2021

    He’s an absolute pie chucker these days. 20/20 will be the only international cricket he will ever play again IMO
  3. Howsie

    *Official* Australia in New Zealand T20s 2021

    Haha what’s he saying?
  4. Howsie

    *Official* Australia in New Zealand T20s 2021

    Is it to late to send over the likes of Warner, Smith, Starc and Cummins... This Aussie team is just a bunch of rejected international cricketers for the most part
  5. Howsie

    *Official* Australia in New Zealand T20s 2021

    Yeah Conway ain’t bad
  6. Howsie

    *Official* Australia in New Zealand T20s 2021

    Come on Australia, gone are the days of you managing to send over a B team and win. Flogging is all this will be, don’t know if it’s even worth watching
  7. Howsie

    *Official* Australia in South Africa Tests 2021

    Test series in New Zealand instead please
  8. Howsie

    2020/21 New Zealand Domestic Season

    No chance if the last 4-5 years is to go by then the likes of Allen, Ravindra and Sears will all be waiting a little while.We’re more liking to see older, less talented, boring cricketers in the likes of McConchie etc get a run. Allen should definitely be given a game or two against the...
  9. Howsie

    2020/21 New Zealand Domestic Season

    I’m pretty sure that if Jamieson is good enough to bat at eight in test cricket then he’s more than capable of batting at seven in domestic 20/20 cricket
  10. Howsie

    2020/21 New Zealand Domestic Season

    I remember playing Mark Jefferson when he was playing for Poverty Bay in my first Hawke Cup game straight out of school. He was on a completely different level to any spin bowler I’d ever faced before, the amount of drift and his ability to change his pace was quite eye opening. I didn’t pick...
  11. Howsie

    4th Test at the Gabba, Brisbane, 15 - 19 Jan 2021

    Well done India Hard to say this Australian bowling attack is number one in the world with back to back performances like this.
  12. Howsie

    Kane Williamson

    If only Kane was given 3, 4 or even 5 test series. His record would look even better
  13. Howsie

    Australia’s Next Test Captain

    Looks the most Australian that’s for sure
  14. Howsie

    Paine and Ashwin interactions

    Didn’t want to ruin his chances of getting an IPL deal obviously
  15. Howsie

    The Official Gareth Hopkins isn't terrible thread

    It’s funny, Watling is absolutely loved on CW and rightfully so. But during his first 18-24 months on the international scene he was hated beyond what any sort of young cricketer should be who is finding his feet at that level. Heck most people didn’t even use is name it was just Twatling :laugh: