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  • Sorry GraemeSmith, but I deleted your post in the 'I'm feeling emotionally vulnerable' thread. CW is a family forum, and as such one of the rules is that illegal activities aren't to be discussed. To blatantly copy and paste from the rules:

    Note: Illegal activities - Don't go around posting about your illegally obtained music collection, linking to video clips which are in breach of some copyright, or suggesting people download software illegally. Don't talk about how you enjoy the odd bit of cocaine or where to buy a nuclear bomb in the black market... you get the idea.

    Am not intending this to be a punishment in anyway, especially as your early posts have contributed a lot, but it's more just a pointer that those sort of posts don't really fit in well with what CW aims to be. Admittedly, Mr Casson posted something along the same lines earlier on in the thread but he was having a joke whereas yours seemed to be a bit more serious.

    On a lighter note, welcome to CW :)
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