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Recent content by Engle

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    Remembering Mike Gatting

    Shane Warne charming the crowd with a description of the Gatting ball. The Gatting ball
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    Purple Patches

    Zaheer Abbas in the 82/83 series vs India had a purple patch in both Tests : 215, 186, 168, 25*, 13, 43 and ODI : 10, 118, 105, 113
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    The ATG Teams General arguing/discussing thread

    The name that stands out is Clem Hill. He probably has the highest % of 90's per innings. S. Waugh, Tendulkar et al will always appear at the top of these lists bcuz they played so much.
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    Marvan Atapattu vs Mike Atherton

    The question is not who was the better batsman, it is who had the better career. Attapattu started his Test career with 5 ducks in his first 3 Tests and ended with 6 double centuries. Atherton started off much better with a 151 in his 3rd Test, but never breached the Test double. I'm...
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    Geoff Lawson vs Carl Rackemann

    Lawson s/b the last one complaining about decisions going against him. Watch here as he trods on his stumps TWICE and gets away with it trod
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    The ATG Teams General arguing/discussing thread

    An England AT XI must be picked with the intention of trying to beat the #1 AT XI, an Australia AT XI (and Bradman). The person who may be able to pull this off is Jardine, who was no slouch with the bat. Thus, he gets in as captain, and provided with the tools to do the job. 01. Hobbs 02...
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    Meaningless and stupid cricket statistics

    Then you'd make it into the record books, even better
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    "Chinaman" is no longer acceptable after being deemed racially offensive. Replaced by SLW - Slow Left Wrist
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    Meaningless and stupid cricket statistics

    Actually 0-80 is a good performance for a debutant bowler. It show that the captain had enough faith in his bowler to keep him on for so long.
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    Best test bowler who average >=30

    If you're stuck on statistics, maniacal mathematical manipulation, quantitative analysis, numerical numbing number crunching, then yes.
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    What are some of the greatest cricket stories?

    On Gavaskar's debut Test series to the W.Indies, a customs official at the airport asked him what his role was in the team. " I'm the opening batsman " responded Sunny The customs official doubled over in laughter at this, seeing his youth, stature " Dem fast boys gonna kill you maaan " They...
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    What are some of the greatest cricket stories?

    Tauseef Ahmed was recommended by a friend of a cricketer and was given a try at the nets. He proved to be better than the selected Test spinner and was chosen over him. On his debut vs Australia, he snatched 7 valuable wickets and became a regular thereafter.
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    Best test bowler who average >=30

    The answer to this is the one whose numbers do not accurately reflect his performance. I would vie for Abdul Qadir
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    How good was Gilchrist?

    Wasim Bari averaged 15 and was picked for 81 Tests, an extraordinary high number for a team that hardly played in it's early days