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Recent content by CricAddict

  1. CricAddict

    *Official* Australia vs West Indies - Frank Worrell Trophy 2022

    Praise Smith without demeaning Sachin.
  2. CricAddict

    let’s remember some guys

    Yes James Hopes not mentioned here yet. Decent odi player and one for this thread.
  3. CricAddict

    Draft Game - Fantasy Cricket 2023

    @JOJOXI and @Bitmap both have catch-ups now. @kingkallis your turn now.
  4. CricAddict

    Which was a greater series victory - India in Australia in 2021 or Sri Lanka in South Africa in 2019?

    India lost 1 player in the middle of the test almost every test in the series. Shows the poor fitness and they have only themselves to blame. But it also magnifies the win as it was 10 vs 11 in each test. Edit: actually every test had a 10 vs 11 scenario. Not almost every test.
  5. CricAddict

    Better 4th innings century in lost cause ?

    The Astle 200 also was great.
  6. CricAddict

    Which was a greater series victory - India in Australia in 2021 or Sri Lanka in South Africa in 2019?

    Kohli should not actually be considered here. It was known that he will play only one test.
  7. CricAddict

    I dont like Bazball

    Because I love playing fantasy league and IPL is fun that way. No other reason :D
  8. CricAddict

    Indian Cricket Dhaba

    Yeah. Shocking tstl.
  9. CricAddict

    Indian Cricket Dhaba

    No they won't.
  10. CricAddict

    I dont like Bazball

    I am obviously not saying that it is simple. Every team obviously strategizes before employing a plan. I am just saying that every other team will try to follow it. We will see flat pitches and aggressive hitting more and more from other teams too now that England are doing it successfully. I...
  11. CricAddict

    did anyone else hate shane warne?

    Where is your dp?
  12. CricAddict

    I dont like Bazball

    It is not. We saw the trend in ODIs once England adopted the hitting approach and then, all teams followed suit. If it is a successful methodology, why do you think other teams will not do it?
  13. CricAddict

    I dont like Bazball

    It is probably the tradition gatekeeper of me speaking but I didn't like the 6rpo+ hitting, just as I didn't like it in ODIs. But if it is good for the game and the development of it, then happy about it. And I get your logic on how this can make huge total less likely. It is good in that way...