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Recent content by Coronis

  1. Coronis

    How good was Gilchrist?

    I forgot we don’t compare eras on CW.
  2. Coronis

    How good was Gilchrist?

    I’d go with Oldfield as the best stumper ever tbh. 52 stumpings in just 54 tests, still the record 80+ years later. Also had 263 in 245 first class matches.
  3. Coronis

    Top 6 Ashes Batsmen of the 21st Century

    So close
  4. Coronis

    Conditions dependent Players

    You’re right, Anderson has been much better than any visiting pacer over the last 15 years.
  5. Coronis

    james anderson averages 35 with the kookaburra

    Horse tranqs best tranqs.
  6. Coronis

    If Jimmy Anderson started his career 5 years later, would he be higher regarded?

    I disagree with a lot of Flem’s **** thats been posted recently but can i chop out 5 years I don’t like of anyone’s career?
  7. Coronis

    Best non batsman, batsmen.

    Thought the thread title said 7, not 8. Would definitely say a keeper’s main focus is (or should be, and was in the case of Gilly imo) their main focus ahead of batting. Outside of Gilly and other keepers, Cairns and Kapil would be my candidates.
  8. Coronis

    Best Asian test team of all time?

    I mean we would have Smith, Warner and literally the whole test team attack.
  9. Coronis

    Welcome to the golden era of fast bowling

    Tbh I never thought I’d read that we had improved bowlers due to the IPL on here.
  10. Coronis

    Best Asian test team of all time?

  11. Coronis

    Boundary rule in cricket

    Yes they are a great spectacle and thats a great part of the reason the rule should be kept the way it is. I mean this is similar to the rules in other major ball sports I borrow like Basketball and Rugby League. Can you imagine if this wasn’t a try because Inglis landed out of bounds...
  12. Coronis

    Josh Hazlewood vs James Anderson

  13. Coronis

    Welcome to the golden era of fast bowling

    Cummins, Bumrah, Rabada, Archer are all consistently mentioned as future ATGs. For all the Jimmy bashing on here I think we all recognise how talented a bowler he is. Broad is more devastating on his best day but not as consistent, but still quite a bowler himself, and I hear NZ has some decent...
  14. Coronis

    Welcome to the golden era of fast bowling

    Such a tempting post but I’ll leave it for someone better.
  15. Coronis

    Placing our bets on "Test Cricket's Young Fab Four"

    Impressive stuff against that attack.