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Recent content by aussie

  1. aussie

    *Official* English Football Season 2015-16

    Spain legend Xavi backs England's chance of future success - ESPN FC
  2. aussie

    **Official** New Zealand in Australia 2015

    Wow shockingly risky selection by NZ here to back Craig or Bracewell @ # 7 & pick 4 quicks.
  3. aussie

    Greatest keeper batsman - Gilchrist or Sangakkara?

    That if you believe Bradman would average 99 vs the WI 4-prong. Evidence of what he did in Bodyline 1932 shows he would score runs but not at that ridiculous advantage rate IMO.
  4. aussie

    Greatest keeper batsman - Gilchrist or Sangakkara?

    That was just a one-off test TBF and many people reckoned at the time, the ROW team just didn't get enough time to blend as unit like AUS. Although they weren't dominant teams like AUS in 2005, look how the ROW team were dominant vs England in 1970 or in AUS 71/72. Barbados which was the spine...
  5. aussie

    Road to Russia 2018

    1st day play of Argentina vs Brazil test washed out then...
  6. aussie

    Cricket All-Stars 2015 - Sachin's Blasters vs Warne's Warriors

  7. aussie

    Road to Russia 2018

    Looking forward to another round of the South American WCQs tonight. Bit of a buzz kill that Argentina are without Messi, Aguero &Tevez for the Brazil clash - but Colombia vs Chile should be riveting. Will be interesting to see how Ecuador do on the road vs Uruguay too after that big win in...
  8. aussie

    Black cricketers in South Africa have apparently sent a letter of complaint to CSA

    CSA as i've always say need to do more to promote, encourage & develop cricket participation and the grassroots level in the rural/black communities. The talented black players "according to their terminology of black" like Rabada will rise to the top on merit. Or they need to accept the general...
  9. aussie

    Greatest keeper batsman - Gilchrist or Sangakkara?

    Well if you adding up all of the great AUS test of test history in 95-2006, Chappell's 72-76 team, Bradman's 48 invincible's then they are have clearly had the most periods of any team in history as the dominant team. But i tend towards giving West Indies a slightest of edges because when you...
  10. aussie

    Chris Gayle vs TM Dilshan (all formats)

    Gayle slightly.
  11. aussie

    ***Official*** South Africa in India 2015

    Are you speaking about right now for this SA tour or at the specific time of his debut vs WI? I'm referring to right now & the case for picking Cook on domestic form, because SA don't have a natural opening partner for Elgar is clearly much stronger than selecting Bavuma - because Van Zyl is...
  12. aussie

    ***Official*** South Africa in India 2015

    Ye that's true, but of course at the end of day bowlers get picked for taking wickets - the extra runs he obviously would bring is a bonus - but I'd be more inclined to stick with Tahir - because if the 1st test was any indication he showed signs that he finally could be translating his limited...
  13. aussie

    ***Official*** South Africa in India 2015

    They did need an opener at that point. SA finally ran out a patience with Alviro P after that West Indies home series 2014/15. Van Zyl was promoted to open only during the recent BANG series, after debuting in that same WI series as a middle-order bat. He made all his runs in domestic cricket &...
  14. aussie

    Greatest keeper batsman - Gilchrist or Sangakkara?

    In the ATXI main XI or second XI, you would put together two very strong teams & just for the sake of point you make I'll pick Gilchrist in 2nd XI (I lean towards Sanga or Godfrey Evans pending team balance): ATXI: Gavaskar, Hutton, Bradman, Tendy, Viv, Sir Gary, Knott, Wasim, Marshall, Warne...
  15. aussie

    ***Official*** West Indies in Sri Lanka 2015

    Siriwardina (spell check) looks like he could be a interesting all-rounder for SRI going forward. And add Gayle, Simmons, Badree and Windies remain World T20 favourites for me pending the WICB doesn't do any more crazy stuff or the CARICOM governments current attempts to dissolve the board...