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Thread: Whose winning?

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    Whose winning?

    If SL gets a lucky break next game I can see them go all the way since both their SF and Final will be at Centurion.

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    Inappropriate signature.

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    I too think so Xuhaib.

    If England beats Kiwis and SL goes through to semis, they will be a very strong contender to lift the cup!

    Lets see how Pakistan plays in their games as well...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xuhaib View Post
    If SL gets a lucky break next game I can see them go all the way since both their SF and Final will be at Centurion.
    probably if SL makes it to the semi's they'll be up against Pakistan in the Semi's so i think it will be a big match, once again, we only play Srilanka these days

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