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Thread: *Official* darts thread

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    *Official* darts thread

    Anyone been watching the darts? Yesterday was a cracker with Manley and Taylor and Wade and Lewis going out in the same day.
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    John Part is going to win the PDC. I don't have Sky but I wish I could have watched this PDC World Championship, sounds really exciting with a high standard of darts and a lot of upsets, I mean most people expected Jenkins, Barneveld and Taylor to make the semis at the very, very least.

    Gary Anderson should win the BDO at a canter and will then join the PDC, driving another nail into the coffin. I personally believe that the split only harms darts because it has created a deeply unnecessary, nasty, bitter, petty and quite frankly laughable situation.

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    Was thinking of starting a thread like this myself last night.

    Anyways yeah best overall world championship ever id say. Tipped Part ftw back in the Last 16 so hope I he wont disappoint me now.
    Gutted for Taylor but he never got going at all. One feels his best years could be past him, however I hope I'm wrong
    If the final is anywhere near as good as last years we are in for a good one once again.
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    Well Darth Maple (I think that is a **** nickname) easily beat the complete outsider Kirk Shepherd in the final, so now the action moves to the Riverside where we can see the BDO pretend Taylor, Part, Barneveld, Jenkins, Wade, Shepard, Mardle, Painter, Klaasen, van Gerwen, van der Voort, King and all the rest don't exist and Gary Anderson can be crowned Champion of the World (though in fairness to him he would make the last 4 of the PDC on ability).

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    Haha, can only laugh when they build up their own darts, no-one in the right mind would watch it if they knew how poor it was.

    I was really enjoying the World Championships (gets really big with us at school bored over Christmas) but once I realised that either Part or Shepherd had to win it, wished they'd both get disqualified and no winner announced. Both just too arrogant for their own good, distastefully so.

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    Well I was totally wrong about Gary Anderson, he's gone out in the first round. I thought he had kicked his choking habit this year, but evidently not. He had god knows how many attempts at fairly easy doubles and didn't take them. The young Dutchman (Fabian Roosenbrand) played a good match but Anderson at his best should have coasted through. He was one of the BDO players who can consistently beat the PDC players, like he did in the Grand Slam of Darts.

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    Has anybody been watching the Darts? I think with James Wade destroying Wayne Mardle, so he's definitely on form. But Phil Taylor being Phil Taylor can hold Wade up.
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