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Thread: Can you remember?

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    Can you remember?

    The other day i was chatting to a mate about interesting things which have happened in World Cup football. Such as Maradonna's (sp?) 'hand of god'.

    I got on to recalling something which happened i think at France '98. What i remember is an important (Quarter/Semi) match between France and Argentina. I know that isn't right because France and Argentina never met at '98. The actual event i remember is an Argentina being subbed, then refusing to go off, then eventually being red-carded (I think so. Might be wrong).

    Can you remember what happened and which match it was? Also can you find a link?
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    Ariel Oretga was sent off for headbutting Edwin Van der Saar in the 1998 QF and refused to go for a while IIRC. Van Der Saar made a three-course meal of the faintest of touches. Only incident I can think of that's vaguely close.

    Holland failed to make 2002 & yer Argies went out in the group stages (), so if it isn't that I'm stumped.
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    Might just have it there Dale...

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    Was that the game where Dennis Bergkamp scored that incredible goal?

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    Or something.

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    what a player. In my all-time XI he'd have to keep one of Aldo and Greenacre on the bench. Unless I play three up front
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    Was that the game where Dennis Bergkamp scored that incredible goal?

    Haha that commentator went into a state of being a complete idiot.
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    Best sending off ever... Euro '96... A portuguese player comes off the bench, is on the pitch for about 2 minutes and is then sent off for what appears to be nothing.

    Apparently, he insulted the Spanish referee's mother in Portuguese... The ref understood Portuguese and sent him off. Good times.
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