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Thread: *Official* Under 19s Tour of Africa

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    Lookin foward to playing my first YTest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaminda_00
    In the absence of Test opening batsmen Thamba Mamesh, Green seamer Andy Cameron will lead a new look Under 19 side on their tour of Africa. Cameron will lead the seam attack for Under 19s with his vice captain Nick Hancock, with new faces Manju Reddlapalli and Kev Goughy completing the pace quartet.

    The batting line up will be lead by Under 19 veterans Nick Scott, Shan Jasotharan, Stephen Burke and Matt Pitt, with all four looking to put up and down domestic seasons behind them. These four will be supported by new faces to the Youth Test arena, Matt Luff, James Mathus-Howell, Ntini Dravid and Zac Ritchie. A lot of pressure will be on the like of James Mathus-Howell and Matt Luff as the look to fill the void left by former captain Thamba Mamesh at the top of the order.

    The spin attack will be lead by one of stars of Season XI, Matt Currie, who will be looking to push for CW A spot, with a bag of wickets and some lower order runs. Currie will be assisted in the spin bowling stakes by Red all rounder Chris Dwyer, who makes his first tour after an impressive start to his domestic in his 1st full season.

    Full Squad:
    A Cameron (c) (Green), N Hancock (vc) (Colts), M Luff (Red), J Malthus-Howell (Colts), N Scott (Green), N Dravid (Green), M Pitt (Colts), Z Ritchie (Red), S Jasotharan (wk) (Colts), S Burke (wk) (Colts), M Currie (Blue), M Reddlapalli (Red), C Dwyer (Red), K Goughy (Green)
    Honoured to make it in the team.

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    Very happy to get this opportunity

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    Not Cameron...

    Should be good, hoping to go out on a strong note in terms of my Under 19 career.

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    Wow, thanks, wasn't expecting that all. It's a very strong looking side though, and realistically speaking, we should be winning most of our games with a line up like that. I'll do my best to make that happen
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    Good luck to the U-19's. Hopefully you'll do a clean sweep and we'll see a few of you in the national side in a couple of years...
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    Tops!! Completely excited about the news

    Also good to see 4 Redders making the team, Well done boys!!

    Finally Goodluck to all who play
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    Congratulations to everyone selected. Hope you have a fun and enjoyable tour.
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    I'm Green

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    Hm. Commiserations to Clapo, he appears to be the only eligible Red not selected.

    From that squad, I'd imagine we're going in with: +Burke, Luff, Scott, Dravid, Ritchie, Jasotharan, Currie, Hancock, Reddlapalli, Cameron, Goughy. Only three seamers in SA seems a bit of a waste, and with Hancock and Currie both useful batsmen there's no point in picking seven specialists.

    A good chance for Luff to prove he's worthy of an FC opening spot, in other words.
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    After a abysmal season at #3 from Green, I really hope to score some runs to make the season worthwhile.

    Let's go CWU19!

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    Wow........ cool!
    C'mon COLTS

    Southern Dynamo Midfielder

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    welldone guys...

    notice that there were no black under 19's... do we have any?
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    So ash chaulk is the first ever AFL Last Man Standing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ash chaulk
    welldone guys...

    notice that there were no black under 19's... do we have any?

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    still scratching around in the same old hole
    Looking forward to this
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    Congrats Andy, im sure you will do a fantastic job

    Well done to all others selected, particularly other Greens
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