Im soon after 20 odd yrs or so (!) going to start tennis again. But, I remember one aspect that always puts me off a bit: tarmac courts (innevitably/ lamentbly 9/10 local courts are) and the annoying way the ball bounces so high ruining a game.

Ive been pondering the different way a tennis ball/ surface reacts and wonder if there is, like squash balls, a 'slower' ball or, a 'faster' ball (I dont understand 'speed' terms in relation to tennis courts/ balls per se) that's designed for use on a tarmac to possibly mimic the lower less bouncy say astro turf, or ideally a grass court (SO much more enjoyable to play on) Anyone have any idea? has ball technology developed at all or is it just one type still available regardless of its bounce characteristics and/ or what surface its going to be used on?

cheers MT.