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Thread: CW Premiership Season 2 Results and Discussion

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    still scratching around in the same old hole
    Just waiting for Fury teamsheet, which is strange given there is activity in their team thread
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    I'm sure I sent it yesterday...
    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    Mitch Johnson is ****ing awesome for cricket.
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    Ponting's ability to ton up in the first innings of a series should not be understated. So much pressure, so important. What a great!

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    still scratching around in the same old hole
    Round 15
    East Coast Fury - Central United
    Island Swell - Northside Power
    Southern Dynamo - Nixontown Nomads

    With a win, against 2nd place Island Swell, Northside Power could all but wrap up the title with a full round of games to go.

    Other teams would be looking to put pressure on the frontrunners and hoping to finish the season strong.

    Week 15 would also see the start of the bans for Jaso (Swell) and Su (Power).

    Daniel_Speirs and Chris_Raftery included in teamsheets when injured

    Table, Team of the week, injuries, suspensions and other stats here

    Updated rosters are in Team threads
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    Sort of happy with the draw, helped is more then them I guess. Good to see the back up players go well when they came on and not make a foul of themselves.
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    AWTA, pretty happy that i didn't cop a serious injury.
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    Not my best game.
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    happy with that draw tbh (except my goal keeping errors) nice to see us grab some goals
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    2-2 against the league leaders is ok, I think.
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    2-2 is a pretty good effort. Hanging in there...

    Personally, another goal. Stringing something together with a recall in my sights.
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    Again no goal.
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    Another game, another goal for D.J

    Loving current vein of form, strangely co-inciding with top notch form IRL.
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    2-2 ... probably should've finished them off. Nice to not have taken a serious injury.
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    still scratching around in the same old hole

    Provisional Squads for Game 3 of Charity Series

    Provisional squads for Charity Series game 3. Team Pele hold a clear 2-0 advantage in the series

    'Team Moore' Squad for 2nd game

    Name		Pos	Nation	Club
    Evans		GK	Eng	Cen
    Walker		GK	USA	Nix
    Smith		Def	NZ	Nix
    Rowland		Def	NIre	Nix
    Louadj		Def	Fra	Cen
    Bale		Def	Wal	Isl
    Solomatin	Def	Rus	Isl
    Mbasa		Def	RSA	Isl	
    Jellett		Mid	CWL	Cen
    Illes		Mid	Hung	Cen
    Holland		Mid	Malta	Nix
    Samways		Mid	Eng	Nix
    Pardoe		Mid	CWL	Isl
    Young		Att	CWL	Cen
    Luff		Att	CWL	Isl
    Chavez		Att	Bra	Nix
    'Team Pele' Squad

    Name		Pos	Nation	Club
    Fernando      	Gk	SPA	Eas
    Sneeder     	Gk	WAL	Nor
    Jones     	Def	USA	Eas
    Mbome       	Def	CAM	Nor
    Silva    	Def	POR	Nor
    Newbery     	Def	CWL	SDy
    Berghaur 	Def	GER	Sdy
    Pares   	Mid	CWL	Eas
    King     	Mid	Aus	Eas
    Griffen 	Mid	CWL	Nor
    Reddlapalli	Mid	CWL	Nor
    Raftery 	Mid	CWL	SDy
    Ganea   	Mid	ROM	SDy
    Morris    	Att	CWL	Eas
    Rolandinho	Att	CWL	SDY
    Cardozo  	Att	ARG	SDy

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    Ohh 2-2, can't complain. Stoked to have slotted one past the 'keeper myself though.

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