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Thread: JME01-Succesion Game

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    ill join
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    Sorry Kears Dark Hunter got the place!

    My round is almost complete. 2 different formats shown.
    Or something.

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    Durham v Middlesex
    County Championship - D2 - 19 Apr 2002

    Middlesex - 1st Innings
    P Weekes b Law 22
    B Hutton c C'ingwood b Law 57
    A Strauss c C'ingwood b Law 113
    S Koenig c & b Brinkley 109
    O Shah run out 18
    J Maunders b Harmison 50
    D Nash c C'ingwood b Brinkley 138
    A Razzaq rtrd ht 51
    S Cook c Mann b Law 4
    A Fraser not out 7
    T Bloomfield c Mann b Harmison 11
    Extras (nb8,w6,b7,lb6) 27
    TOTAL (9 wkts, 157.1 ovrs) 607


    O M R W
    N Speak 3 0 18 0
    C Mann 2 0 7 0
    P Collingwood 21 2 68 0
    D Law 44 2 227 4
    N Killeen 27 3 100 0
    S Harmison 33.1 8 80 2
    J Brinkley 27 3 94 2
    1-54 2-117 3-259 4-304 5-370
    7-588 8-590 9-607

    Durham - 1st Innings
    J Lewis lbw b Bloomfield 74
    J Daley c & b Bloomfield 22
    P Collingwood b Cook 54
    N Speak c Shah b Weekes 32
    A Thorpe c Nash b Bloomfield 46
    C Mann c Koenig b Bloomfield 15
    D Law c Weekes b Bloomfield 51
    A Pratt c & b Cook 3
    N Killeen lbw b Bloomfield 13
    J Brinkley lbw b Fraser 8
    S Harmison not out 0
    Extras (nb18,w8,b13,lb17) 56
    TOTAL (all out, 215.5 ovrs) 374


    O M R W
    A Strauss 2 1 8 0
    J Maunders 5 2 9 0
    B Hutton 8 3 6 0
    S Koenig 5 3 5 0
    P Weekes 37 11 52 1
    S Cook 40 16 72 2
    A Fraser 60 22 93 1
    T Bloomfield 58.5 18 99 6
    1-41 2-165 3-211 4-226 5-272
    7-334 8-363 9-372 10-374

    Durham - 2nd Innings
    J Lewis not out 5
    J Daley lbw b Bloomfield 19
    P Collingwood not out 0
    N Speak
    A Thorpe
    C Mann
    D Law
    A Pratt
    N Killeen
    J Brinkley
    S Harmison
    Extras (nb2,w2,b1,lb3) 8
    TOTAL (1 wkts, 20 overs) 32


    O M R W
    P Weekes 2 0 4 0
    B Hutton 1 1 0 0
    S Cook 4 2 6 0
    T Bloomfield 6 1 12 1
    A Fraser 7 4 6 0

    Match Drawn
    Man of the match: D Nash


    Derbyshire v Durham
    County Championship - D2 - 24 Apr 2002

    Derbyshire - 1st Innings
    M Di Venuto c Pratt b Brinkley 18
    M Dowman b Harmison 21
    J Pyemont lbw b C'ingwood 80
    R Bailey c C'ingwood b Law 26
    D Hewson b Killeen 4
    S Stubbings c C'ingwood b Brinkley 132
    L Sutton not out 106
    D Cork lbw b Harmison 14
    G Welch lbw b Harmison 1
    K Dean lbw b Law 17
    T Munton lbw b Killeen 16
    Extras (nb22,w2,b1,lb8) 33
    TOTAL (all out, 143.2 ovrs) 468


    O M R W
    N Speak 2 0 9 0
    P Collingwood 17 1 51 1
    D Law 38 3 164 2
    N Killeen 28.2 5 78 2
    S Harmison 34 2 99 3
    J Brinkley 24 6 58 2
    1-32 2-48 3-89 4-94 5-234
    7-387 8-393 9-431 10-468

    Durham - 1st Innings
    J Lewis lbw b Cork 5
    J Daley b Dean 0
    P Collingwood c Sutton b Cork 33
    N Speak b Dean 9
    A Thorpe b Dean 2
    C Mann b Welch 20
    D Law b Welch 33
    A Pratt c Cork b Welch 24
    N Killeen lbw b Munton 0
    J Brinkley not out 8
    S Harmison b Cork 13
    Extras (nb4,w6,b7,lb2) 19
    TOTAL (all out, 59.1 overs) 166


    O M R W
    M Dowman 1 0 4 0
    G Welch 15 5 33 3
    T Munton 15 2 41 1
    D Cork 14.1 5 35 3
    K Dean 14 2 44 3
    1-5 2-5 3-21 4-25 5-72
    7-140 8-141 9-145 10-166

    Durham - 2nd Innings
    J Lewis c Sutton b Dean 9
    J Daley c & b Cork 5
    P Collingwood lbw b Cork 2
    N Speak c Di Venuto b Dean 24
    A Thorpe c Cork b Dean 30
    C Mann b Bailey 29
    D Law lbw b Welch 23
    A Pratt lbw b Dean 20
    N Killeen not out 14
    J Brinkley b Dean 4
    S Harmison b Cork 9
    Extras (nb6,w4,b1) 11
    TOTAL (all out, 79.5 overs) 180


    O M R W
    R Bailey 2 1 4 1
    M Dowman 6 3 9 0
    G Welch 16 6 29 1
    T Munton 15 5 26 0
    D Cork 20.5 2 56 3
    K Dean 20 6 55 5
    1-10 2-12 3-18 4-67 5-80
    7-136 8-161 9-171 10-180

    Derbyshire won by an innings and 122 runs
    Man of the match: K Dean

    Some bad turns there but I got it running

    Jamee999(just played)
    Samuel_Vimes(Needs to post a "got it")
    superkingdave(padding up
    Tom Halsey
    Dark Hunter

    It won't accept the save on the uploads folder guys, Take a look at this and discuss the problem.

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    Is it me or can Jamee not bowl?
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    It's you: Durham can't bowl,

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    Here the save is Cheers to Sam And here's the roster:

    Jamee999(just played)
    Samuel_Vimes(Needs to post a "got it")
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    Got it now.

    (or will do as soon as 691 kB decides to d/l on my dial-up)

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    I'm on dial up too

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    Out of interest... who will do contracts? Or will it be a mutual decision?
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    We'll probably talk about it before hand and, this is a thought I've just had: Live on MSN? Talking of MSN, Dark Hunter, having your's would be pretty useful.

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    Leics v Durham

    It's a sunny day at Grace Road and a fairly good pitch...should be a nice day out for the batsmen

    Durham XI: Lewis, Daley, Collingwood, Speak, G Pratt, Mann, Law, +A Pratt, Killeen, Brinkley, Harmison
    Leics XI: Maddy, Cunliffe, Bevan, Ward, Sutcliffe, +Burns, DeFreitas, Crowe, Dagnall, Stevens, Malcolm

    1.3 DeFreitas steams in, bowls to Daley...good length, on the stumps....past midwicket for four!
    3.3 Dagnall to Lewis, lots of bounce, drives to backward point for four more
    5.3 Dagnall struggling - Daley hit two successive fours off him as Durham move to 25 for 0 after 6 overs
    6.2 De Freitas bowls a good ball to Daley, fends at it away from his body, second slip misfields and it runs down to third man for four
    7.3 Leics seem to be struggling...Daley again - smacked a Dagnall full toss to long on - Daley is on fire!
    8.2 DeFreitas bowls, nice ball, peacher of an inswinger with some bounce, beats Lewis for pace and he's gone! Lewis b DeFreitas 8 (20b, 1x4) Durham 37/1
    9.0 Collingwood gets off the mark with a cover drive for three off DeFreitas
    10.2 That man Daley again - nice stroke and he guides it to mid off for four more runs
    11 overs: Durham 48/1 and Leics do their first bowling change - Carl Crowe coming on to bowl off-spin
    11.3 Crowe gets the breakthrough - spins in...passes the bat and hits Daley low on the pads - a bit of a dodgy lbw decision goes against Durham J Daley lbw b Crowe 34 (38b, 6x4) Durham 49/2 and Speak coming on to bat
    17 overs: Durham nurdle the singles and bring the score up to 63/2
    19 overs: DeFreitas finishes the day's work with figures of 10-0-36-1
    21 overs: Malcolm comes on to bowl
    21.2 Well hit by Speak down the leg side - runs away as there is no fielder there and Durham get four runs
    22 overs: Poor first over there by Malcolm - gets hit for nine and Durham move to 81 for 2
    22.5 overs: Full toss outside off by Crowe, punished by Speak who drives at it and middles it to long off, first boundary in a while
    23 overs: Durham really going for it now, 18 runs from the last two overs
    23.2 overs: Stevens to Collingwood, good length outside off, drives at it and gets beaten
    26 overs: Durham accumulating singles again - 104 for 2
    26.3 overs: Malcolm to Speak, short ball with little bounce, on stumps, easily hit away for four to midwicket
    26.4 overs: Malcolm to Speak, ball's further outside off this time, straight drive for four
    27.2 overs: Fast ball from Stevens, swings into the batsman, tries to defend but it beats him
    27.3 overs: Revenge for Speak - well driven away on the off side and he gets four
    27.4 overs: Stevens to Speak, bowls, a lot of bounce, tries to drive, gets the edge, it's through to the keeper and light work for the umpire, gone for 49! N Speak 49 (55b, 5x4) Durham 122 for 3
    29 overs: Collingwood and Mann make it look easy - eight off the over as Mann cuts him to point for
    four off the last ball
    29.2 overs: Stevens around the wicket to Mann, doesn't help, made light work of it and scores four past mid on
    29.5 overs Stevens to Collingwood, over the wicket again, on the stumps and well cut away to backward point for four
    30.6 overs: Dear oh dear, another easy hit for Collingwood, past the diving fielder and another four - nine off the over
    31 overs: Dagnall back to bowl
    31.4 overs: Around the wicket to Mann, bowls short, Mann tries to drive and it misses, missed the stumps by inches and goes through to the keeper.
    31.5 overs: And again! Beaten outside off by a ball that swung a lot - so much that it goes for four byes
    32 overs: Dagnall to Mann, full toss, he gets it away and it rolls for four
    32.2 overs: Malcolm to Collingwood, hits it to deep midwicket, no fielder there and it's four
    32.4 overs: Mann works it away on the leg side and gets four for it
    33 overs: Malcolm's figures looking more and more dire by the minute - 7-0-57-0 at the moment, Durham 175 for 3
    33.1 overs: Dagnall to Collingwood, gets an edge to it, single to backward square leg, that's fifty up, classy if slow innings, off 74 balls
    35.5 overs: Dagnall to Collingwood again, this around the wicket thing really isn't working, a lot of bounce but he just guides it down on the ground through gully for four
    36 overs: Ward coming on to bowl off-spin
    36.2 overs: Ward has Mann beaten outside off - drives too early, poor timing
    36.3 overs: Ward bowls on off stump, short of a length, Mann shuffles across but makes little contact, ball hits pads...not out
    36.6 overs: Leg stump delivery, Collingwood sweeps it easily to square leg, four more runs
    37.1 overs: Dagnall to Mann, swings a bit, low drive in the air, second slip dives and nearly holds onto it, but it is dropped, they take a single and 200 up
    37.4 overs: Finally a good stroke from Mann, regular outside-off delivery and it's driven to covers for four.
    39.1 overs: Again a regular outside-off delivery, drives to covers and more boundaries for Collingwood
    40 overs: Dagnall ends an indifferent spell with 10-0-57-0
    40.6 overs: Ward tries to get some turn out of it but it isn't there, Collingwood gets an easy task and it's another boundary
    41 overs: Malcolm back
    41.4 overs: Malcolm to Mann, clips it to square leg or a bit backward, picked up well by the fielder and a single it is, 50 up for Mann in 50 balls
    42.1 overs: Collingwood tries to hammer Ward out of the ground, gets too cheeky, drives too early and the ball beats the bat and goes through middle and off, bowled him! Collingwood b Ward 82 (97b, 7x4) Durham 236 for 4, Law coming on to bat
    42.4 overs: Law gets off the mark, sweeps Ward down the legside, four runs
    43.4 overs: He can even hit spin now! Crowe gets some turn bowling around the wicket but it's useless as Mann plays a regulation drive and another boundary for Durham
    43.6 overs: Attempted sweep from Law, has Burns diving to his left, just wide and it goes to backward square leg, fielder picks it up and it's a single, 248 for 4 at the end of the over
    44.2 overs: Ward strikes again! Fuller length ball, dips down late, Law doesn't time it well and leaves, indifferent innings. D Law 7 (11b, 1x4) Durham 248 for 5
    45 overs: 250 up with a single, well hit by Mann
    45.1 overs: That Mann again! Another four to the off side, has the fielder diving but beats him, big chase coming up for Leicestershire here
    45.2 overs: Same ball, same stroke, same result - four runs for Mann!
    45.3 overs: See 45.2 overs
    45.4 overs: Well, this time to the on side, but really no difference - tenth four of the day for Chris Mann
    46 overs: 19 runs for Mann off the over, moves to 76* from 60 balls
    46.1 overs: Straight drive to mid on, up in the air but no fielder, another boundary!
    46.5 overs: Cover drive from a ball with some bounce, Leicestershire in all kinds of trouble, Mann gets yet another four
    46.6 overs: Another straight drive as Mann moves to 89*
    47.3 overs: Pratt gets off the strike with a nice single through the gully
    47.4 overs: Who'd have guessed? Fourteenth four of the day, seven runs short of his century now
    48 overs: End of the over, Pratt takes two runs, score moves to 291 for 5
    48.3 overs: Stevens bowls to Mann, cut it to square leg, four runs and he's looking odds-on for a century on debut! What an innings for the 21-year-old!
    48.4 overs: And almost naturally, he completes it with a cover drive - magnificent stuff, it's his sixteenth four of the day and it brings up his century - the last fifty came off 19 balls, if you'll believe it!
    48.6 overs: Pratt wants to join in on the party, cuts it down gully, four more! Durham looking to post a huge target!!
    49.2 overs: And again from Pratt - Mann seems content to nurdle the singles but he's driven one to cover again
    50 overs: Innings over with a good cut down gully, it's four! Durham 318 for 5!!

    Durham innings
    J Lewis                         b DeFreitas            8  20  1 0
    J Daley         lbw             b Crowe               34  38  6 0
    P Collingwood                   b Ward                82  97  7 0
    N Speak         c Burns         b Stevens             49  55  5 0
    C Mann          not out                              110  73 17 0
    D Law                           b Ward                 7  11  1 0
    G Pratt         not out                               16  14  2 0
    Extras (nb3, w5, b4)                                  12
    Total (for 5 wickets, 50 overs)                      318
    DNB: A Pratt, N Killeen, J Brinkley, S Harmison

    Bowling: DeFreitas 10-0-36-1, Dagnall 10-0-57-0, Crowe 10-0-67-1, Malcolm 9-0-68-0, Stevens 6-0-58-1, Ward 5-0-28-2

    0 overs: Brinkley and Harmison to open the bowling to Maddy and Cunliffe - it's a bit more cloudy now, looks like Collingwood made a good choice in batting first
    0.2 overs: Lightning fast ball from the Scot, swings into the batsman, Maddy steps back and tries to drive it, beats him, awfully close to his body, huge appeal and he's gone! First blood! Maddy c A Pratt b Brinkley 0 (2b) 0 for 1, Bevan comes on to bat...
    1 overs: Four runs off Brinkley's first over, good start for Durham
    1.2 overs: Harmison steams in, the big man bowls a good ball, lots of bounce, Cunliffe tries to drive and gets the inside edge, goes on to hit middle and off, clean bowled! Leicestershire in it deep! Cunliffe b Harmison 1 (5b) 4 for 2, and it's Trevor Ward, the bowling hero of the first innings, to bat
    1.3 overs: Harmison again, gets it to swing into the batsman who is comprehensively beaten, well bowled
    5 overs: Leicestershire have recovered through aggressive batting from Bevan and Ward - 25 for 2
    7.6 overs: Killeen to Bevan, edges it! just wide of short leg who isn't quick enough, goes away for four, 39 for 2
    17.1 overs: Edged and dropped! Brinkley at first slip can't quite hold onto it, and with Bevan's current slog form, that could be crucial...
    28.3 overs: Bevan edges it to short leg, gone for 110...but still, Durham have let Leicestershire into this game. Sutcliffe coming on at 193 for 3
    46 overs: Two wickets in an over! Ward is caught in the slips by Collingwood and Daley at deep midwicket walks it to catch an edge from Sutcliffe - 301 for 5, 4.5 an over needed, Speak bowls
    47.4 overs: Important catch! Pratt behind the stumps holds on to an edge from DeFreitas, Crowe on to bat, 10 more runs needed off 18 balls with four wickets in hand...
    47.5 overs: Crowe beaten outside off...
    48.1 overs: Good ball on leg stump from Speak, hits the pads, umpire judges it hit the bat first
    48.2 overs: Four from Burns. All over?
    48.3 overs: Burns stumped as he charges down the wicket helplessly.
    48.5 overs: Ball catches the inside edge, through behind the stumps, three more runs required with two wickets in hand...
    49.4 overs: Harmison decides it...bowls a wide and Durham are beaten. Put up a good fight though...

    Leicestershire innings (target: 319 from 50 overs)
    D Maddy         c A Pratt       b Brinkley             0   2  0 0
    R Cunliffe                      b Harmison             1   5  0 0
    M Bevan         c Collingwood   b Speak              110  88 19 0
    T Ward          c Collingwood   b Brinkley           151 127 23 0
    I Sutcliffe     c Daley         b Brinkley            34  58  4 0
    N Burns         st A Pratt      b Speak               11  11  1 0
    P DeFreitas     c A Pratt       b Law                  2   3  0 0
    C Crowe         c A Pratt       b Speak                2   3  0 0
    C Dagnall       not out                                2   3  0 0
    D Stevens       not out                                1   4  0 0
    Extras (2nb, 3w)                                       5
    Total (for 8 wickets, 49.4 overs)                    319
    DNB: D Malcolm

    Bowling: Brinkley 10-0-51-3, Harmison 9.4-0-62-1, Killeen 7-0-45-0, Law 10-1-60-1, Speak 8-0-51-3, Pratt 2-0-20-0, Mann 1-0-11-0, Collingwood 2-0-19-0

    Leicestershire win by 2 wickets

    Man of the Match: T Ward

    Durham v Lancashire

    Durham XI: Lewis, Daley, Collingwood, *Speak, Mann, Law, G Pratt, +A Pratt, Killeen, Brinkley, Harmison
    Lancs XI: Chilton, Swann, Law, Fairbrother, Lloyd, Roberts, Schofield, +Haynes, Chapple, Martin, Smethurst

    On a sunny day at Chester-le-Street, Durham captain Speak decided to bowl first - given the disaster when batting first recently.

    1 over: Maiden from Brinkley starts us off - good stuff from the Scot
    8.3 overs: Law bowls to Swann, good ball, inswing and lands on his pad, umpire claims not out
    11.2 overs: Chilton to Brinkley, another good ball, lots of swing and it beats him inside
    16.5 overs: Law to Swann, tries to drive, outside edge to first slip Brinkley, holds onto it low and he's gone! Swann c Brinkley b Law 26 (50b, 3x4) Lancashire 63 for 1
    18.6 overs: Law to Chilton, swing deceives him, tries to drive and gets the edge, ball carries into Andy Pratt's gloves for an easy catch, Law claims his second wicket! Chilton c A Pratt b Law 33 (61b, 3x4) Lancs 72 for 2
    25.5 overs: Gary Pratt to Law, not a lot of turn, Law tries to play it onto the leg side, but is caught beautifully as Mann at leg slip dives forward and takes it! Three down! Law c Mann b G Pratt 23 (32b, 1x4) Lancs 104 for 3
    27.4 overs: Gary Pratt to Lloyd, beaten outside off by a poor ball, not looking completely settled
    28.5 overs: Law to Fairbrother, around the wicket to the left-hander, a bit of bounce and it carries the edge into Andy Pratt's gloves, another one gone as Law bowls a magnificent spell! Fairbrother c A Pratt b Law 17 (28b, 2x4)
    30.1 overs: Brinkley to Roberts, short ball, bounces, tries to clip it to the leg side, fails to make contact and it beats him, rattles middle and off bail and back he goes, two-ball duck! Roberts b Brinkley 0 (2b) Lancs 115 for 5
    30.3 overs: Brinkley to Lloyd, and again! short ball, on the stumps, beautiful line and it sneaks between bat and pad as it's bowled him! Lloyd b Brinkley 6 (16b, 1x4) Lancs 118 for 6 - made up for the two wides there, did Brinkley
    36.3 overs: Brinkley to Schofield, around the wicket to the left-hander, nice line and length, hits the pad but probably hit bat first, umpire says no
    41.6 overs: Brinkley to Haynes, fed up of being hit going around the wicket, goes over instead, Haynes tries to drive but misses it and is bowled - Haynes b Brinkley 29 (39b, 4x4) Lancs 163 for 7
    42.2 overs: Killeen to Schofield, just been hit for four, this time it's on leg and hits pad after an inside edge, umpire gives it out! Schofield lbw b Killeen 21 (35b, 4x4) Lancs 167 for 8
    42.5 overs: Killeen to Chapple, good length ball, tries to play it onto the leg side but edges it to silly backward square leg, no fielder there and he survives
    47.1 overs: Killeen to Chapple, again a good length ball, bit more bounce, beaten between bat and pad, goes onto the stumps and it's game over for Chapple - Chapple b Killeen 7 (12b) Lancs 183 for 9
    49.4 overs: Harmison to Martin, bounces, tries to cover drive but fails, ball hits the pad and is given out lbw, looked high - Martin lbw b Harmison 14 (29b, 2x4) Lancs 190 all out

    Lancashire innings
    M Chilton       c A Pratt       b Law                 33  61  3 0
    A Swann         c Brinkley      b Law                 26  50  3 0
    S Law           c Mann          b G Pratt             23  32  1 0
    N Fairbrother   c A Pratt       b Law                 17  28  2 0
    G Lloyd                         b Brinkley             6  16  1 0
    T Roberts                       b Brinkley             0   2  0 0
    C Schofield     lbw             b Killeen             21  35  4 0
    J Haynes                        b Brinkley            29  39  4 0
    G Chapple                       b Killeen              7  12  0 0
    P Martin        lbw             b Harmison            14  29  2 0
    M Smethurst     not out                                2   3  0 0
    Extras (5nb, 4w, 1b, 2lb)                             12
    Total (all out, 49.4 overs)                          190
    Bowling: Brinkley 10-1-29-3, Harmison 9.4-0-40-1, Killeen 10-0-44-2, Law 10-1-26-3, Speak 4-0-20-0, Pratt 2-0-15-1, Collingwood 4-1-13-0

    Durham innings:

    Still sunny, but there is something in it for the bowlers, the batsmen need to be careful chasing 191 to win...

    1.2 overs: Martin to Daley, Daley and Durham off the mark as it is well timed away to mid on for four
    2.2 overs: Smethurst to Daley, around the wicket he bowls, it's hit him on the pads, plumb and out - Daley lbw b Smethurst 4 (7b, 1x4)
    8 overs: Martin bowls a poor over including a full toss cover drive for four, a no-ball and a three - Durham 23 for 1
    8.5 overs: Smethurst to Martin, bowls on the stumps, inside edge onto the pad, umpire gives it out and Durham in trouble, Lewis lbw b Smethurst 17 (32b, 2x4)
    20 overs: Last over from Chapple was hit for 6 runs, Durham 47 for 2 needing 144 runs at 4.8 an over
    21.5 overs: Speak bowled cleanly by Chapple, had no chance there - Speak b Chapple 15 (43b, 2x4)
    30 overs: Some improvement in the last overs as Durham crawl to 96 for 3, needing 95 runs at 4.7 an over
    31.5 overs: Chapple to Collingwood, had an lbw appeal turned down earlier, now he edges it to short leg and Swann stands tall and takes it, not the wicket Durham wanted to lose - Collingwood c Swann b Chapple 53 (84b, 6x4) Durham 107 for 4
    37 overs: You're the Mann! Three successive fours from the young talent as Durham hit fourteen off Martin's over and twists the game right back, 57 needed from 13 overs
    38.1 overs: Chapple gets his revenge, Mann tries a huge shot and it's caught in the deep by Fairbrother, disappointing end - Mann c Fairbrother b Martin 38 (42b, 5x4)
    40.3 overs: Chapple claims another victim! Gary Pratt is clean bowled the ball after he hit another good one away for four - Law b Martin 16 (32b, 3x4) 148 for 6
    47 overs: Chapple gives away eleven runs, Durham need 17 from 18 balls with three wickets in hand, but he does get the wicket of Gary Pratt
    48 overs: Another reasonable over for Durham, Killeen gets beaten twice but still in with a shout, ten runs from 12 balls needed
    48.1 - single to the on side from Killeen
    48.2 - single to the deep backward square leg, well fielded
    48.3 - dot ball
    48.4 - hit hard to deep midwicket, no fielder there and has to run in, two runs from Kileen, six needed from eight
    48.5 - clean bowled - Killeen b Chapple 12 (9b, 1x4)
    48.6 - dot ball
    49.1 - single to square leg
    49.2 - Chilton to Brinkley, FOUR! not a bad ball either, well hit away to mid on, scores tied with four balls left
    49.3 - Chilton to Brinkley, hit hard and straight to midwicket fielder, picks it up and throws it but too late, Durham clinch another nailbiter!

    Durham innings (target: 191 from 50 overs)
    J Lewis         lbw             b Smethurst           17  32  2 0
    J Daley         lbw             b Smethurst            4   7  1 0
    P Collingwood   c Swann         b Chapple             53  84  6 0
    N Speak                         b Chapple             15  43  2 0
    C Mann          c Fairbrother   b Martin              38  42  5 0
    D Law                           b Martin              16  32  3 0
    G Pratt         c Swann         b Chapple             11  25  1 0
    A Pratt         not out                               17  22  3 0
    N Killeen                       b Chapple             12  10  1 0
    J Brinkley      not out                                5   3  0 0
    Extras (2nb, 1w)                                       3
    Total (for 8 wickets, 49.3 overs)                    191
    DNB: S Harmison

    Bowling: Smethurst 10-2-37-2, Martin 10-1-40-2, Chilton 9.3-1-35-0, Schofield 10-2-32-0, Chapple 10-1-47-4

    Man of the Match: G Chapple (Lancs)

    While the Man of the Match officiator was clearly drunk, the Durham officials secretly awarded it to James Brinkley for some good, economical, and dangerous bowling along with hard hitting at the end.

    One disappointment and two highly entertaining games of cricket. It is clear that we have to lift ourselves to get through to the quarter-finals, but our next game against Yorkshire will be crucial.

    SKD is up, Halsey padding up in the pavilion
    Attached Files Attached Files
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