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Thread: Brian Lara 2007 Suggestions

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    how about the AI governing who the CPU bowls. I pick an ODI team to play against containg akhtar, bond, flintoff, warne, murali and after two overs from akhtar and one from murali (with the new ball for god's sake!), it decides the best bowling options in the team are Lara, Ponting and Sehwag.

    In another game this afternoon, it chose to bowler Pedro Collins and Gayle, instead of Marshall and Sobers...
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    Is this game coming out for the Xbox or Xbox360?

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    Totally agree with pretty much all of the points listed. In addition, id like to see a bit more common sense - I read ur list, not saying you didnt have this, but dont remba seeing it; its really annoying when the umpire puts their finger up for dismissals when its not necessary - e.g obvious catches and bowleds.
    I also think that Shoaib's delivery speed should be the standard speed for bowlers, and that his standard speed is even quicker.
    The MPH is an hurrendous problem on the game anyway. The speed of pace bowling at world level should make it a job to react in time, in fact, spin bowling for that matter! The game needs to play faster generally. I'd happily substitute any graphical niceties for a good bit of gameplay realism. This would also allow for a greater number of shots also. When are people going to realise that good graphics alone will never be an agreeable representation of cricket when the overall atmosphere and likeness to the game of cricket in both EA and BLIC is so poor? The game would sell like hotcakes if it had varied and unpredictable gameplay with intelligent AI. When will companies learn to redirect their focus on console games to gameplay. It always gets the best reviews! There is no excuse! If i playtested BLIC 2005 Id have a lot of criticism, with EA id just tell them to play a real match themselves, because the designers obviously never have.

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    I have a suggestion that I hope is included, I dont care if it has been mentioned before.

    No more pulls for six over a really fine leg or cut over third man for six at will. This should only happen if the ball is wide down leg side to be pulled to fine leg and even in this case it shouldnt be able to go for six. A cut should only go for six over third man if top edged, but can be late cut there, but again never go for six.

    Another one, please let the ball not always go in the same spot when hit without the analogue stick. And change the fielding system if it means that the ball almost always goes to the fielder if mistimed in the air.
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    Having not read much of the previous, huge page my suggestions would be:

    - Celebrations after each win. Not just the scoreboard.
    - In ODI's, the required rate should be shown for the majority of the time as this is very important.
    - The ability to feild, ie run for the ball and also baing able to run out the computer.
    - Confidence needs to be adjusted better.

    Otherwise I think it is an amazing game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IsuraE
    Is this game coming out for the Xbox or Xbox360?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pasag
    - The ability to feild, ie run for the ball and also baing able to run out the computer.
    I've done that. Once.
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