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Thread: loading error

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    loading error

    error help

    can somebody help me please

    when i load up my icc 2005 and load australia i get this error message

    all my other saved teams load fine its just australia

    could somebody help me, i was just about to start the wc 2007


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    yeah same with mine i had an awesome team something stuffed it up, i dont think you can fix it. my team was winning everything right near the end of the season, i had a generated batsman who averaged 86, it ****ed me right off

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    It's a corrupted game and has happend to me before on various games, including this and championship manager.

    It could happen at any time, so what I do about every 5 games or so is make a copy of my saved game. Just go into program files the game you want and it;s normally under data, saved games or something like that. Just copy your saved game paste it into a space and you can even rename it.

    This file then contains the same data as the saved game you are using. If anything should happen to it you have a back up copy.

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    * 1 of the disadvantages of icc.

    u`ll just have to wait for the 'patch' they are supposedly making
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